30 July, 2008

Moonwashed mayhem

The moon. 12:30 am, 15th July 08, Keylong.

The moon is looking splendid today
Beautiful enough to inspire poetry
Pale enough to evoke tears
Misshapen in her thoughts
Beaten into pockmarks
She’s almost shy
Peeping over the seven peaks
Her light irons a furrowed brow
The stars twinkle their bedtime tales.

23 July, 2008

Midnight madness

The moon. 11:30 pm, 11th July, Keylong.

She lies blanketed
in her bed of clouds
She gasps at her silver halo,
Will her sins show up in the light?
The mighty rock yearns to meet her
to kiss her glow, pierce her solitude
he heaves under her cool caresses
glistening in the breath of her dew.

02 July, 2008

Illicit Affair

She held onto it

like a breath

jealousy and innocence


of a secret

splendidly silent

she stashed it away

a prized token.

And in moments

of weakness

she'd unfold

its papery prison

tempation the harness

she'd wonder at its

glittering charm

the evil joys

it promised.

And suddenly almost guiltily

she'd cover it again

for isn't a memory

best left where it began?


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