03 June, 2008

Growing pains

The main problem with adulthood is that the problems you are faced with aren't the kinds which get settled through a hug. Its the realization that no one is going to come and tell you, "There there don't cry, I'll make it alright for you."


  1. Me:
    Are you lost or incomplete?
    Do you feel like a puzzle?
    You can't find your missing piece
    Tell me how you feel.

    Well I fee like they're talking,
    But in a language I don't speak.
    And they're talking it to me.
    So you take a picture of something you see -
    In the future where will I be.

    ps - it just happened to be playing. you can't blame me for plagiarizing.

  2. I dont think that hug even makes a difference. Coz, eventually, (atleast for me) one has to solve the problems oneself.

    Plus, if you get used to not getting that comforting hug, a rare out-of-nowhere hug can so make your day! :)

    Otherwise, if you are addicted to hugs, you are too used to them. You cant live without them! You turn into a hugaholic! Lol!

  3. its never alright till u put it right... hugs are pain killers though... even when u r an adult.. seriously

    my post wasn't angry..just to the point...frankly don't get the big deal abt city love ...

  4. read ur post on delhi. nice though i resent the phrase "gwaliored girl" ...hmmmm...

  5. nive: Gwaliored wasn't derogatory. No way. Just that its an important part of who we are right? Those years and years of learning and unlearning. Deserves an adjective.

  6. peace out... he he :)

  7. oi who said teenage stuff can be solved by a hug?

  8. Hello Chandni, thank you for dropping by my blog. My dog is a golden retriever...I have two of them. The one in the pic is my young boy, and he's very beautiful. As for adults and children....well, in my boiok, a hug always helps, though they seem to be less readily available as you get older!!

  9. Nishant Singh1:38 pm

    Good Post.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. El: I never rally went through the whole over-rated "teenage" stuff :|

    Pebbledash: Two retrievers? What luxury :)

    Haru: No she's in Bokaro for a month and will go to mumbai directly from there. No Delhi on the way.



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