10 June, 2008

Grin Gyan

One fine day my laptop decided not to work. It wouldn't switch on. Now even for a nincompoop like me, that spells grave news. I rushed off to my friendly neighbourhood computer guy (read the technical dept. of my college...the guys there know me pretty well and regard with me with well-concealed amusement and ill-concealed irritation). Imagine that pesky fly on a sticky summer afternoon that keeps hovering near you, sitting for a while, flying off just as you try to swap it. Well I am that fly. So, armed with my comatose laptop I went up to them.

"Yes? Kya problem hai?"
"Mera laptop on nahi ho raha. Kal toh ho raha tha. Aaj try kiya toh koi light nahi. Kuch nahi."
"Madam aap aaj aur kal ki baat kar rahe ho. Poore poore log mar jaate hain itni si der mein. Laptop kya cheez hai?" Insert smug I-am-so-witty-grin here.
Ok I did NOT like the tone or direction of the conversation. Changing tracks, I said, "Toh aap please dekh sakte hain kya problem hai?"
"Abhi bahut busy hoon. Aapka laptop coma mein chala gaya hai. ICU bhejna padega."
The humour was lost on me again. Completely.

Two days and a different computer man later , I am typing this out on my reformatted, cured, all data retrieved (except some GB of music boo hoo) laptop. I feel like celebrating. Yes all my bookmarks are gone, I have to install ALL my software again, the desktop looks alien but still I feel like its a homecoming. Attached? Hell I am in love with this flattened piece of machinery.

Of course there are other reasons for me to smile. I am back from an invigorating holiday at my village. Rafael won the French Open. I liked his frog green outfit this season (he looked like a patch of grass on the clay and that seemed to me a befitting pun as he thrashed Federer in the final). Then India is back to playing the kind of cricket its best at losing and winning - the 50 over kind. After all the IPL fast food (I only watched the final and what a thriller that was), I'm looking forward to a proper meal. And as I finishthis, the men in blue have calmly undone a very unconvincing Pakistani side.


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  2. i think your laptop just got pissed coz you jab at the screen with disregard to the comp's attitude towards such intrusion of private space.. he he... noticed this particular thing at shruti's place... feel sad for ur music though...

    ps: why is my blog called hogwash with a question mark?

  3. total bakwaas

    which we all kindof have grown used to

  4. nive: Hawww u thought i was jabbing at the screen? Not nice AT ALL. The question mark is because I wonder whether its hogwash. Not Hogwash (fullstop) but hogwash(oh really question mark). I think I have just managed to write an extremely foolish and unhelpful reply. Ha

    Sopho: And yet you come for another serving of the bakwaas. Go get your head examined. Oaf.

  5. i get it anyway... he he

  6. dude I feel your pain, as someone whose hard drive crashed not once, not twice but thrice in a 6 month span..

    So data retrieved, keep head down and lie low, you have no idea how vengeful your innocent :cough: laptop can get.

  7. el: *fingers crossed*

  8. hmmm. the relief on your face was so tangible the day ur lappie got ok... i could almost gather it all and put it in a box or something. i'm glad its back in action.

  9. heh heh now was it THAT apparent? :D

  10. Although I can only imagine your dialogue with the computer guys, I think I can put some words of my own in it...:-)
    Glad your laptop's ok now.



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