19 June, 2008


Just something I came across. Its quite silly but then since when did we stop playing that game?


  1. Yes, we all have too much free time! I figure thats for the time one gets after finishing college and waiting for the next step - job/masters etc.. anyway, you did take the calvin quiz, didn't you? :)

    The 2-variable test gave me a result "very well-rounded", don't know if it was talking about my scientific and emotional intelligence or my shape :D

  2. yeah I did. I was more calvin than hobbes!

  3. faltu fun is correct... good time pass man... he he.. me more hobbes .. ha ha..

  4. http://helloquizzy.okcupid.com/results/the-2variable-intuition-test/?fromCGI=1&var_Scientific=6&var_Interpersonal=4

    just about stupid :D

  5. hey.. tht was very good.. i took the test! it gave me a 40% on sci n 70% on emo..!

  6. nive: yeah you had to be hobbes (always the taller one :P )

    m: i got the same score too! must be rigged

  7. hi Chandni .. this comment has nothing to do with your post eye.queue

    I just wanted to leave my key-steps on your blog and congratulate you (and your team SIDH - yuva samvaad) for the good work.

    All the best!
    - Harsh

  8. harsh: Thanks. I just volunteered with SIDH for two weeks (though would've loved more). To learn more about the organization check http://www.sidhsri.com/ They have some interesting youth camps you can enrol for. Thanks for visiting!

  9. matangi mawley: Two things
    a) what does your name/user name mean?
    b) thanks for stopping by -vellaness on the net is encouraged :)

  10. Anonymous5:40 pm

    i got 60% scientific, 40% emo
    im just about stupid :(

    who was the non virgin btw



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