15 June, 2008


If feelings were faucets
On and off at your will.
If memories were a disease
Would you swallow the pill?
If being you could mean
I could undo the I,
The world would be a metaphor
An escapist's sty.


  1. sometimes the dream of you
    is better than the realities of I
    sometimes memories can be burdens
    you can't lose as much as you try
    sometimes an escape is enticing
    almost a necessity of survival
    sometimes forgetting the identity
    is the only way to life's revival

  2. Not very good at commenting on poetry, but that bit about feelings being faucets brought to mind that silly faucets ad.

  3. crowley: I KNOW. The ads are horrendous! Ha ha funny you thought of them!

  4. That ad was the first thing that came to my mind. It's funny in its own, 11-yr old way, but I like that groom in the ad: "Shit. Wife's bratty brother *swipe*...On with the tears"

  5. ah, that poetry was neat. do visit sanjuayyar.blogspot.com and check out some of my posts. and do leave a comment for sure.

  6. ifs and buts... aah

  7. I wish they were and I wish I could... but I'm glad this is just your wonderful poetry. :-)

  8. Reminds me of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Beautifully put.

  9. wow.
    memories..disease...pill good one

  10. crowley: hoo ha ha

    vesper: Ya its like wishful thinking...managing to switch off feelings at your will :P

    sanjuayyar: Ya definitely will vsit you blog AND post a gazillion comments. Gaah

    piper: reminds of that movie... good thing? bad thing? I would say good (I liked the film quite a bit and for once Jim Carrey looked pretty good).

    aqua: Hadd of making it brief.... memory disease pill :P

  11. i have a feeling i have heard this before.

    you must have written something like this.

    AND. busy already?


  12. ohh.. u just wait for the cybermen... all your bases are belongs to us. there can be no escape :)



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