14 May, 2008

Rasmai Rambling III

Was it just a queer coincidence that it was storming while I was going and coming? I choose to believe that it wasn't.

the mogra is being watered
the dust plays up a cloud
the hot air ushers the night
as a walk is walked in silence
a gnarled hand clasps mine
I look up - a child again
I know each vein, each wrinkle, each line
she holds me so warm so loving
I cannot help but wonder
at the tranquility
and the utter wholeness
of my Tara*.

* Read Gone With the Wind for further details. While you are at it, enjoy swooning over Rhett Buttler ; )


  1. rain is beautiful...and the fragrances intoxicating... just the thought of a rain kissed earth's fragrance makes me smile... everything becomes so green and glossy...
    mumbai may become squelchy and humid in the rain.. but even the smog and the crowd can't take away the beauty of glistening roads,the beautiful colours of a plethora of umbrellas..
    but then sometimes the storm is in a fury and murders its own beauty.. that is sad for any rain lover..
    but enjoy the wet beauty while you can... :)

  2. hey by the way i think darcy is way better than rhett... ;)

  3. Beautiful...

    "as a walk is walked in silence"

    I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog. :-)

    I really loved your NonSense... :-) I'll be back for more.

  4. sure sure, a person who hasn't read gone with the wind till NOW, will read it just to get your Tara reference.


    kidding, never thought, mogra and a Rhett Butler mention could be in the same poem.


  5. You do pull out a thick fine line between your daily escapades and the real throes...

    Loved it..

  6. nive: rhett vs darcy..we could go on forever.

    vesper: Nice seeing you here :)

    inayat: I was really wondering if people would understand mogra. Glad to see they do. Its such a heavenly smell!

    pd: Just watch what I write when I receive my courier of prawns (this is a gentle reminder) heh heh.

  7. All good. The work is done. The deed is signed. And there were rhymes too. Not bad eh?

  8. oohhh.. i get them smells..
    dust, mogra, approaching rain

  9. Hehe...... darcy is such an evolved concept more than a character... we all have te idea of Mr Darcy and it's not just from the book....

    Rhett on the other hand is Amreeekan! :P



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