22 May, 2008

Question 16

A statement has been given, below which an inference has been made. Choose the appropriate answer.

Statement: Of all the blogs I read, the girl authors seem somewhat like me, they think/write/reach conclusions in the same manner. If you listen carefully, we all seem to be saying the same thing. Of all the blogs I read, all the boys sound so different.


a) Girls and boys are different
b) I am reading the wrong blogs
c) The rain has seeped into my brain
d) Who cares


  1. Quite right. Also, generally posts by girls are a little more personal - trips, experiences, encounters. Some men, on the other hand, come up with good fiction at times.

    And btw, option D isn't valid. Thats one correct answer to every question in this world!

  2. A

    The eyes gleam on reasons separated by earths diameter!

    Check blog for further references.

  3. Inference E: All girls think alike. And by your observation/statement it obviously holds that they are losing their neurons, VERY fast. Because you certainly are. Mind you. They grey cells are still intact.

    PS - Your blog list has grown LONG.

    PPS - Pinks is advertising his blog. Shame.

    PPPS - Boys think different. Unlike you? Or unlike each other as well?

  4. dpcinh7:40 pm

    a. otherwise I would be Mami and not Mama

  5. crackwhore7:44 pm

    women + blog ~= pages from a diary

    men + blog ~= scratch pad/flaunt book

    i pick a) unless ofcourse you're dealing with a homosexual sob

  6. Piper: Don't we just exist on generalizations? "Boys" "girls" and hell its fun :D

    @btw, this question deserves the standard "who cares" too..come on

    the boy who did not parcel the prawns: I shall have a look at your blog you blog advertiser (for further ref look at marvin's PPS)

    marvin: do not broach (spelling?) the touchy subject of my memory loss. And certainly do NOT advertise it. Or I will bonk you on the head and then we'll be in the same boat of oblivion. About memento, I think I am going to have to resort to polaroids and notes pretty soon. Gaah. Stop hogging all the memory pills.

    dpcinh: aaaah, the difference a vowel can make! heh heh :P

  7. Blah. What is this! I write personal stuff as well as fiction.

    A makes some sense.

    D is the answer to everything.

  8. JD: touchy topic!



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