07 May, 2008


I trip as I skip
my head oh so light
there's a smile on my lips
breezes wish away the night
breezes wish away the night
wretched alarm now rips
eyes open in fright
I start on my trip

This, is my daily routine, summed up in rotund poetry. Its so much fun skipping through the significant and insignificant nothings. And then writing a poem about it. Don't you just love foolish rhymes? I do. Baah.


  1. i love foolish rhymes! I notice they tend to cheer up a person! :)

    Though not intending to do free publicity, I write rhymes here.. http://lukhha-rhymer.blogspot.com

  2. foolish? tom bombadil begs to differ

  3. :D Awwesome! Not foolish. Very reflective of our present condition... skip skip skip!

  4. Abhi: Yaaa they do :)

    Haru: Only a person with a name as absurd as Bombadil can appreciate whimsical rhymes.

    JD: Skip away :)

  5. dude, if i had it my way, i'd only skip or skate AlWAYS, all.the.time.

  6. el: SKATE!!!! Wow reminds me of bachpan days when I used to spend hot afternoons figuring out how to just move a metre w/o falling. And once you get a hang of it, its heaven :D

  7. i loved ur cute little poem

    i compose rubbishy ones & wanna show em

    u've not been seeing them or what?

    when no one sees my blog it begins to rot

  8. Dids:

    Of course every one of them is read
    I listen so carefully to what is said
    The fun of the rhymes, the silly glee
    lets us both go on a lyrical spree!

  9. girlie, you write so well.really brilliant.any queries for a hungry tarot reader? she can help you even with predictions about the kind of food you need - of the comfort variety.interested?

  10. Not foolish, just absolutely lovely! :-) A rhyme to repeat in your head or even hum while you start on your trip...



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