21 May, 2008

Drizzle drops

What delicious weather! Its MAY and its raining. Not the pitter patter, poor excuse for a drizzle rain but full fledged BIG puddles that go splash splash rain. The skies are overcast all day long, the laburnum trees are sighing under the combined beauty of their exuberant flowers and the drizzle drops hanging on those flowers. And today is a stay in cozy bed, drink cups of chai/coffee (depending on where your loyalties lie), reading/dozing/watching tv/chatting/NOT internetting day.

I of course have to be out on this wet wet wet day, trying to look all professional (which in itself is a joke) for an interview (which I am disastrously, humourously bad at). I actually have this major problem keeping a straight face: straight face during presentations, during interviews, while answering a particularly serious question in class. Its like a disease. And a vicious cycle. Question asked. I begin answering so very seriously. Funny image of some baboon doing some buffoonery pops up and the grin begins. It threatens to stretch into a guffaw. I think I am keeping a straight face but actually I am twisting it into inexplicable contortions. I laugh. No one is amused. Hence the apprehension regarding an interview. I don't mind not being able to answer stuff and them grilling me. But laughing? For heaven's sake. That's just weird.

Anyway, (there is one episode where Ross says, anyway in a very anyway tone, please use the same vocal emphasis here. Thankyou.) the monsoons have dropped in early this year and Delhi isn't complaining. I have no work to do (oh I do have a presentation to make and a report to brush up but since when did that become work?) so I am enjoying my utter worthless existence of get up, wander aimlessly, eat, sleep, wander, think of quilling and don't do it, think of reading and don't do it, think of learning driving then looking at the rain and sighing dramatically, chit chatting about things that have been chit chatted a million times already...you get the drift. Life is an its exponentially silly best and I am caught grinning at it (I really seem to have a problem, I can't wipe off that grin).


PS: She has been pestering me to do her a favour. A ridiculous pedicure if you please.

I: "What have you ever done for me?"

She: "At least I make you crack up, isn't that good enough?"

I found that stupendously funny.


  1. grin away
    on this squelchy day
    it may not be raining the rest of May

  2. You are just too "khaali" in my opinion.

    About the MAJOR problem. It worked to your advantage in the end. Now didn't it? I am assuming you must have been rolling on the floor, laughing, grinning and what not. Given the 100% success rate, I might be inclined to try it out myself.

    About PS. Self help is the best help. It's so as far YOU are concerned. At least.

  3. ridiculous pedicure ? stupendously funny?? what are you, british?

  4. Mavin: What 100% success rate? Pagal hai? Now when I come up to present, the class smirks. Its a vicious cycle I tell you. DO NOT try it.

    Haru the arse: Who are you? My english teacher?

  5. heh heh I was watching a gooey movie of the same name today.



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