01 April, 2008

Tippy tippy top, which colour you want?

Where was I the past week? Where was I?

Galavanting joblessly through U.P and Uttaranchal (or Uttarakhand, when will they decide? The number plates on cars and addresses on shops can't seem to figure out either)would be an appropriate answer. Avoiding Dumbo's mosquito-like obnoquiously exasperating presence (in vain) would be closer to the truth. This trip had that pale quality about it, the same texture a glucose biscuit has - familiar and forgettable. Ofcourse the proud sal trees looked beautiful. The river Kosi, reduced to a rivulet looked sufficiently starved in tune to the global warming song. Corbett yet again had no tigers to offer. The promised monitor lizard graced us with his jurassic presence. The overcast sky conjured pretty stories in my bored brain. Dumbo was sufficiently dumb. M and I were adequately amused and frustrated, both with suprisingly equal intensity. My mood moped in a strange almost jaded manner.

I think this is what too much travelling does. It wears the novelty. And I find myself continuing to read Vikram Seth's colossal epic. Since forever. A Suitable Boy. What an (in)appropriate name. In the Innova (damn for such an ugly exterior, it sure is neat inside). In the hotel. While waiting. Before sleeping. In between.

Yes. The diagnosis is right. Jaded is the flavour of the week.


  1. I never did get through the whole of that book.

    I'd forgotten there was a river named kosi....It appears a few times in "Man Eaters of Kumaon" and "More Man eaters of kumaon"....books I grew up with.

    Summer afternoons on the deccan are a good time and place for letting the mind wander aimlessly and typing out unnecessarily long comments

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  3. Rather jaded was the colour till MONDAY!!!

    some people are novel enough to tread a path :D

  4. Smith: I am ploughing through it. Ploughing.

    mp3emp4: I must tell you how I detest spammers. They are almost as bad as annons. But you wouldn't be reading this. Gaah. The futility of it. Gaah.

  5. Anonymous11:21 pm

    I love your blog.
    just that.
    (anons are not that bad...are they? they're just shy I guess.)
    and you can count on me, I'll come back.

  6. anon: Shy? :O That's a new one. Amusing.

  7. You'll kill me with envy
    With all the travelling you do
    I hope a day will come, and it comes soon
    When I have somewhere except the canteen to go too


  8. Anonymous8:26 pm

    Yeah, amusing it is. But I guess, there would be lots like me.
    Waiting for the next post. Eagerly.

  9. Anonymous9:46 am

    heres some more spam :)

  10. Anon: I have happened to watch that before. Thanks anyway! :)

  11. I'm waiting for your next post too, hpoing to get inspiration to actually write something myself.

    btw, any idea why http://a-mist-of-thoughts.blogspot.com/
    is not updated any more ?
    I'm a not-very-distant but unknown cousin of hers.

  12. psmith: Nive's cousin! She's a great friend from school! Her site isn't updated because she doen't have access to the net in the placing she is staying atand going to cyber cafes is such a pain.(or maybe she is hit by the writer's block).

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Ah...I see. I came across your blog through her orkut profile, which I searched for only because I had heard her name mentioned once in a while when assorted relatives told stories about other assorted relatives :) she prolly does not know I exist. seems like an interesting character though. some years ago I had googled her name, and it had turned out that she had won something in badminton and something in a creative writing competition a few years previously at your school. your school had a student newsletter of sorts I believe which google's vast memory banks had archived. it disappeared from the search results after some days.

    Its all very random.

  15. Aha. Ya that's her..badminton and creativity :)



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