05 April, 2008

Hush my darling

The din in your soul is so distracting
You fail to hear what your eyes can see
So wrapped up in that flimsy cocoon
You watch my lips move and shrug along.
What would happen if you’d suddenly pause?
If for a breath you’d release your soul…
To the said. The unsaid. And all the underscores
From the torture of the self, to the brilliance of the unknown.

We all are terrible listeners you know
You’ve heard that before I’m sure
But what if everyone followed you that way
We’d be speaking to empty mirrors and echoed halls.
Insensitivity – she is a terrifying witch
She clobbers with her ice and melts with her wrath
Don’t behead me on her shameless guillotine
I deserve worse. Or better. Anything but her.

I command your attention with a roar. With a whimper.
Speak when you want to, listen when I want to.
Endanger not my sanity with those unseeing eyes
Hear what I whisper. I promise not to be too long.
If listening is a torture can you comprehend my rage
At the helplessness of being unable to disentangle myself from your words
I shiver with anticipation. Are you finally unfolding?
No. Maybe the rain was lying. Or I just heard wrong.


  1. struck a chord somewhere. or many chords rather. a fast moving blur of sensations.

    too many, a critic might say.

  2. They talk about hate, scorn, pity and all the rest
    When its simple old indifference that hurts the best
    To ask with begging eyes for what you always before had
    Is there a predicament that can be labelled as more sad ?

  3. nice one piper.....where is it from ?

  4. Oh you liked it? It from an essay by the famous Prof. Ganpatrao Rele on the Per Capita Income of the Backward Tribes of Maharashtra...fascinating piece, I must say !

  5. really ?
    you're kidding right ?

    I'm singularly ignorant about such literature.......all Ive read about the backward tribes of maharashtra is written by Irawati Karve.

    So (assuming you were not being sarcastic) Prof. Rele wrote that bit of poetry too ?

  6. google is silent about Prof. Ganpatrao Rele.

  7. Hoo Haa Haa \m/

    Ownage Discussion!

    Dr Ganpatrao Rele stole the show I must say.

    Fortunately or not I am not that sure.

    Oh, btw, the poem needs to be discussed over a cup of coffee.



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