13 March, 2008

Uninvited Aunty

When you enter a room whose door proclaims "Clapton is God" you know you are in for an interesting time to say the least.

Everything in the tiny room spoke of amusing carelessness. A fan whirred lazily, tracing ignorant circles in mid-air, blowing a charmingly cool whoosh into the room. There were books strewn on the table, a Bar-One lay unopened, a laptop sat quietly at one end. We sat down on the bed, its sheets slightly awry, wrung from last night's sleep, sighing away dreams. The pillow was propped in a messy bunch, coverless and worn. Newspapers, a weird gadda and other unecessaries swept the floor. I looked around fascinated. One wall lay draped in a poster of Zidane. Near it lay a tired little basket, full of yesterday's dirty clothes. On the cupboard Dennis the Menace was proclaiming something. Nearby, red football cleats lay, their laces undone in fatigue. There was a tiny blue mirror hooked onto a wall, a much-used comb balanced precariously on it. A makeshift soft-board, made from thermocol, adorned one wall. On it were a few crazy photographs. Of friends. In glee-filled times. Those kinds of photographs which have an interesting way of capturing the silliest of expressions. A coffee-maker (whose services were deemed indispensable by the owner) sat on the chair.

Chatter filled the sir. Silly, forgotten anecdotes were retold and laughed over. The greenery outside breathed into the room. As we left, I couldn't help oggle at this beautiful room one last time.


  1. :O
    cool room .. issoo's was it?

  2. They are known as sturds not cleats :x...

    Its always in mess that you find smthng to cherish, for theres no beauty in patterns!

  3. Wah wah kya baat ki hai! You got to say there is infinte wisdom in the Black Man's profound words. As always.

    Anyway, nice description. My guess - the chap is an engineer.

  4. haru:
    a) who the hell are you?
    b) how the hell do you know isoo?
    c) I am using "hell" too much :|
    d) no it isnt isoo's room.

    pd: They ARE called cleats sir. I have grown up in a boys school where football was like oxygen. So I would know. About messiness - ofcourse its way better. Ofcourse.

    Piper: Yeah an engineer. You guys are SO full of yourself na. "the chap is an engineer" :P

  5. a) i am "name here" ?
    b) one of my beshtes fran roosi
    c) you scared me
    d) ok

  6. Oh yes we are. No denying that.

    See, 'the chap IS an engineer'. Just good at recognising our lot.

  7. happy holi!!!!

  8. Awesome..

    How do you manage to detail out everything so nicely I wonder :)

    Taking a pick at Prubhu's comment - I totally agree when he says there "theres no beauty in patterns" :)

  9. haru: same to you!
    prasoon: thanks :)

  10. hahahaha.....
    i dont think a messy room and its setting cld be better described... in full detail.... :D

    i cldnt but smile at the post... :)

    and yes.. Clapton IS God... :D

  11. pallav: hopefully did justice to the room. And ofcourse you can smirk while people try to guess who's room it is!

  12. haha... after your last comment, it should not take a sherlock holmes or a sigmund freud to know whose room was it... :D :D :D
    justice.. lady you made me fascinated with the room... :)
    smirk... haha... yes i had my share of pleasure.. :)

  13. Yeah the secret's out!
    Anyway I was worried I wouldn't remember the room accurately. Racked my brains about what was written on the dennis poster. In vain.



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