06 February, 2008

Wishful Listlessness

You wish you were here.

Watching her laughter light up those eyes
Her colourful world gurgle through the skies.
You pluck up the courage to hold her hand
You quiver "Will she reprimand?"
You pry off that mask, the warpaint on her face
Quills of laziness through her hair you trace.
You pick up a fight, she flares --- a gray cloud
Passion strokes anger, you're enchanted, she's proud.

We chase each other's dreams through gallows of our thoughts
trickling into the indestructible sham --- our forts.

Now we are walking over a carpet of green
Silence shrouds us in her comforting sheen.
The sun washes our hair with his golden brush
We talk, we tease, in an urgent hush.
I applaud --- you sit on your throne of question marks
I glisten in the expectant warmth of your dark.
There is a swing in your mood, banter at my cost
I rummage between us, losing again what I lost.

Sometimes I want things badly enough to hate the very being I desire
For bringing me down to my haughty knees
Head held high, I beg you please.

And I wish I was there.


  1. Novel.

    Not the work. The reaction.


  2. Ok.

    Maybe the work too.

  3. Marvin actually obliges Med
    he surely must be off his head
    ask him about classes to which he went
    and a guffawing girl with promises unkept


    Ya, you were right, I am the devil.



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