12 February, 2008

She doesn't know what to think or how to for that matter
is this it or is it not?
the one thing she loves to hate
the one thing she hates to love.

She's stuck in a dilemma she doesn't want to climb out of
its beheading her senses
and storming past dreams
just the way she likes.

You'd think she's sane but for the evil in that smile
she's a manequin
waiting to come to life
of ridiculous calm.


  1. Anonymous8:49 am

    Wonderwall by Oasis... listen to it

  2. Hari Sadu?12:10 am

    the last piece was awesome.. tho apparantly.. i comprehend rhyming poems much easily than .. well the non rhyming ones .
    btw delhi is cold >_<

  3. Anon: Has been heard and applauded.

    Sadu: Yes, just when you thought the sun has given up on the city, it came out to mock us. The weather - as unpredictable as the city.

    Siropdevanille: Hummm

  4. Anonymous12:10 am

    Stiched up by herbie hancock would be a suitable song for acoustic guitar

  5. i want a new post >_<

  6. haru: so do I. Please explain the >_< (I am challenged you know)

  7. so am i..
    >_< = anger eyes..
    reason = i am bored and i need stuff to read :(



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