08 January, 2008

So much for my happy ending

Listless thoughts pranced across her sore mind
they ran themselves threadbare
she stifled a bored yawn
Oh really?
windblown she stood
as torrid thoughts skittered
she smiled at their naiveity
you're running away with your imagination
yet again
but this once
a shrug played her mouth into a smirk
she kicked a stone
ran her fingers over a shaggy patched coat
the demons screamed
no more will you
no more should you
no more will she let you


  1. Question 1:

    Is withdrawal a good enough way of accepting things the way they are?

  2. Anonymous12:04 am

    torrid naive thoughts...
    naive torrid thoughts...

    damning a kid for really feeling the damp weather...


  3. I could've sworn I commented...

  4. me: Withdrawal is the easiest way. Certainly not the best.

    Ani: Over the weather. Under the weather. Eveything is so relative.

    Renovatio: I could've sworn you didn't but then you came along and did.

  5. People should read this.



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