23 January, 2008

Confused Concern

Friends are very worried. Foes disguised as friends are enacting the oh-we-are-so-concerned act. Foes have a smug smile plastered across their faces. Shrug shrug go my shoulders. Our minds have a weird way of poking their noses into other people's affairs. Unsolicited advice is meted out with passionate fervour. Opinions are imposed in various hues, some more distasteful than others. Some people crave for attention. Others shy away from it. I have often swung from unassuming agony aunt to reluctant solicitor to cocooned loner with astonishing ease.

And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life

And then amidst the noise, the worried glances, the oft-repeated words, I find my strongest perceptions disintegrate. Solace from an utterly surprising somewhere walks up shrouded in a cloak of normalcy. I look in amazement at my naivety. How did I miss it before? Sometimes people closest are far away. Were they where I thought they were? Certainly not. I am wrong. Again.

Categorizing people into slots only disorganizes things. And then the people fartherest work their way towards me in inexplicable ways. They don't know how they help. I speak of mundane things and the days seem brighter than sunshine. Unheard thoughts make themselves felt. Relying on someone I don't know. Giving up on people I thought I did. Confiding. Confidently. Confusedly. Concernedly.

I am toffee stuck and tongue tied
stutter shook and uptight

You don't have to be in love to find the moon beautiful. Chocolate tastes better when gooey. You don't need to see me when all I want to be is heard. Listen to me when I don't speak. I would scald my tongue over hot soup in a pyjama with you than sip the wine over there. And I actually thought you knew that. I really did. So much for talking about forevers and comfortable silences.

It would make me believe
what tomorrow could bring
When today doesn't really know


  1. agony aunt to cocooned looner... sound like the 5 stages of grief :)

    unless its a breakup or summit.. i wouldn't know how relying on strangers would be fair to worried friends. some people closest are farther away than you think cos, well they've been pitching on you for ages now. a slight concern people from farthest away , its like you get a lot more than u expect which prolly overshadows the former.

    the moon is pretty yes.. but more so when you're sad or in love ? otherwise isnt it just a bit monotonous?
    i dont know about the choco tho .. i like it frozen :)

    cant make sense of the last few lines.. i prolly need to be a woman to hear things someone wont say?

  2. oh and btw.. awesome header and photography. quite goes with the blog title. just round it a lil at the edges and it would be perfect

  3. Oooh! Me liking the header! Really cool!

    Hmmmm, about "Confused Concern"... Do people really have time for the disguising bit? Friends are friends are friends, despite the imposed opinions etc.

    And yes, the moon is always beautiful! And chocolate... the darker the better :)

  4. Haru: Often friends are stranger than strangers. But the moon becoming monotonous? That's something new.

    Siropdevanille: The parts people play. Astonishing and awe-inspiring in one frightening moment. Its a subtle camouflage we perform. We are after all mere animals.

  5. Anonymous10:07 pm

    rainbow coloured hues splashing over your face and now what colour do i see you with ?

    rose coloured glasses are transparent or red ?


  6. Confused concern was indeed confusing. Less evolved creatures like myself were obviously lost in the wilderness. Bits and pieces came and made sense. I would refrain from commenting on them. Or wouldn't I?

    Unsolicited advice - ahem..ahem..now who gave that?

    Opinions - Everyone is entitled to one. Mine I presume.

    Attention seeking pricks - eh? It was not that bad was it?

    There's a paradox about proximity and distance. I could sense that much. And I could see the distinction getting hazy. Is that so?

    I never see you. All I get is blah blah and blah. I live to see the light of the day.

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  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Ani: Red of course. But then you never know. They say love is red too.

    Marvin: Paradox of proximity and distance indeed. You live to see the light of the day because of the blah blah. Surely you realised that.

  10. You touched some right chords here and I could end up writing a blog here but lemme resist doing that for now.

    Could understand each bit of it and most of the answers are somewhere in my blogposts.. want me to reiterate or lets leave it there?

    fair weather firneds - strangers better to confide than friends - just hear - expectations - no stereotyping people yes, it doesnt work - how much ever people say that everyone is same, that isn't the case - chocs, moon are lovely indeed - silence sometimes kills too..

    thats a short reply isn't it. go figure! ;-)



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