23 December, 2007


Its that time of the year again.

Christmas is a sneeze away. New Year is around the corner. People are making fervent party plans. Holiday budgets are being charted out. There's a nip in the air and the sun is a poor excuse for well, itself. The traffic light vendors are hell bent on selling me badly stitched Santa caps. The radio can't stop playing "Jingle Bells" rendered by different artists. Winter means you have an excuse to glug down innumerable cups of coffee. Khan market is like a page out of a fairy tale - all lights and cheer. The laughter hangs around enveloping me.

Yes, I have bought my diary, one activity where my punctuality and enthusiasm is impeccable and rather startling to most onlookers (people don't understand how/when/why/what I actually write in it. But then people rarely approve of anything I find remotely satisfying. For the record, I write in it with well BINGO! A pen/pencil/crayon/charcoal/blood. Come on. That's the how. The when is usually the time I am excessively groggy, in a semi-stupor: right before bed. The why and what, which are presumably the more interesting questions are the ones that beat me too).<---- that bracketed monologue went on for forever.

No, I havn't decided on resolutions yet and a cynical conscience is whispering in my ears that maybe at last I am too old to believe that they will actually work (for the record, my nail-biting habit has been kicked through resolutions circa 2002). I went through a jaded list like:
  1. Take time out to do things I want to.
  2. Be kinder to people who are generous enough to be kind to me.
  3. Blah blah yaaaaaaaaaaawn....

But before I could finish that, I yawned, which is never a good sign when you are embarking on a new thing. So next year onwards, resolutions have been scrapped.

And so another New Year is beginning. Time to start afresh. That's the beauty of a brand new January. Clean slate. Sharpened pencil. Phew. Its one of those bugging "beta this is a turning point in your life" years. Friends are getting flung apart. New friends will/may be made. Internships are begining. Jobs will be sought. I'm upbeat.

What did I learn so far?

  1. Help can come from the most unexpected quarters. And whether you believe it or not, help actually helps. It was a revelation to me.
  2. Washing away guilt is never easy but you live and you learn. And "They" are speaking the truth when they say that you can feel as good/bad as you let yourself feel. So quitting feeling oh so pooh pooed about what was handed to you at the life/love/lollipop mela.
  3. Spontaniety is the best state to be in. Its invigorating, its interesting and it makes you laugh. How many other things can claim to do all of the above?
  4. Being terrified of letting people in is ridiculous. But letting go off it? Incredulous.
  5. It is only in our times of dire need that we remember God. We are pathetic. But then that's why we are humans.
  6. Growing pains are painful but hell they are brilliant teachers.
  7. Cynicism and pessimism are different things.
  8. I am still phone-phobic. Boo hoo hoo.

Year sum up?

"I wanted to cry but the tears wouldn't come" ~Scorpions

Happy holidays people!!


  1. What an honour to be the first to comment!Well, maybe you could consider letting go of biting the split ends off your hair...just maybe.

  2. :O

    what did we say about not washing linen (dirty or any other kind) in public. Ashu my man keratin fetishes can't be easily thrown off.

  3. happy holidays :)

  4. it wasn't just the bracket part that seemed a monologue. the entire thing seemed like one giant one. but isn't that what blog is all about?

    hmm...i must have bunked the requisite class. resolutions are crap. mega crap. no one ever sticks to them. ok at least some people 'dont' stick to them.

    the diary is good. mine has been faithful to me for the last 4 years. and its gonna last another 4.

    be kind to others? definitely a good resolution. forget what i said above.

    happy holidays. not saying it. have done the needful. not doing anything more for people who can't say thanks.

    and yeah, what's the difference between cynicism and pessimism?

  5. i almost forgot to about the yuletide spirit. damn depressing i must confess.

    new year. xmas. yeah. good excuse to do you know what. rest same.

    people selling caps. must think you are an elf (Y)

    mentioning only ends. retards. understand nothing else.

  6. If you truly need to remember how depressing the yuletide season is, just think of two, simple words; Christmas Turkey. It's cold, salty, and perpetually underdone. Even if it's just out of the oven, it's the christmassy way to do it.

  7. Haru: Same to you!!!



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