03 December, 2007

dilli darshan

Twilight was winking at us
an unbridled moment away
a chill lit up the evening
the black shawl came out to stay

an eagle drank the dewdrops
that adorned the grass's feet
over wonderous words and shrugged shoulders
two silly souls decided to meet

red sandstone stood patiently
as death does us receive
a bench was wiped reluctantly
shoes kicked off with glee

the wintery evening grew on
the lovers entwined, untamed
their haste at once ugly, at once music
flowed unharnessed - prisoners unchained

ivory caressed ebony jealously
her hair spilt onto his arm
he kissed her violently, cruelly possessive
embraced her - less good more harm

and our sniggering souls mimicked
the lovers' passionate ballet
the sordid souls who bragged of life and love
thought up tales of stale cliches

time ticked by in its unhurried way
savoured by those it touched yet lost
the four went their separate ways, their diverging lives
an illicit affair was all the enchanting evening cost

Some days turn out to be very interesting. They are hurricanes of arresting things happening all the time. Your senses are alive, you are stimulated to tickle your creative juices into a cocktail. You feel light and feel like hooting at the world and its methods. And since days like this waltz in once in a blue moon, they deserve to be turned into poems (however rotten they may sound, to the characters, everything is a melody)


  1. Well it sounds like good enough melody to me...beautifully written, this stanza especially -

    ivory caressed ebony jealously
    her hair spilt onto his arm
    he kissed her violently, cruelly possessive
    embraced her - less good more harm

    I refrain from elaborating on it as any such attempt is bound to make me look stupid ;)

  2. Anonymous1:05 am

    this is quicker then even imagined!!!

    baaki ki news break ke baad,,,when i get home that is.


  3. piper: thanks. but trust me the words can barely capture the moment.

    marvin: quick yes. satisfactory NO. You know it doesn't bring across the story. you KNOW what I mean.

  4. most days suck ass tho

  5. it doesn't of course
    but u were never trying to do that it seems
    its just a part of the story. not the story itself.

    because the story to mere blog pe posted hai :P

    padh lena

  6. i cashed in on the the juiciest part of course. Btw urs is a warped version. Marvin is the hero. That itself is hard to fathom.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Marvin12:06 am

    Marvin's not the hero of course. How come you thought about that?

    No one is the protagonist, actually.

    My version builds upon the episode. Yours just describes it.

    Again, Marvin's not the hero. It's just ki uska naam zyada baar aata hai.




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