12 October, 2007

Voiced vices

butterflies flutter over strained strings
their nimble feet powdering
within earshot
of a shuddering melody

fingers, their bloodied tips
mellifluous in execution
flit gently, caressing
the bitter metal harshness

there is a lilt in her song
the notes tap dance
thoughts skip carefree
wind: flirting with a blade of green

then thunder pounds
a fissure rings aloud
storms rise, subside
spent fingers drip fatigue

a sorrow burdens the air
the pain rips shredding notes
a hair-lined stickeats into metal
grief gouges itself a niche

an orchestra of emotions
washes over
I cover my ears

It is rare that I manage to find the time to realise how utterly "uncultured" my cluttered little life is. It is rare that after realising this I do something about it. It is rare that my next step becomes indulging in western classical music, an area where my knowledge is abysmally low. Wednesday was one such day. I made myself to go to a violin and piano concert performed by a duo from Switzerland. Was it worth it? Was it uplifting? Was it a waste of time? Was it not? If anything it made me realise music is a universal language. Brahms or Jay Z, everyone is just yearning to tell their story. Be heard. The only difference is that some people are saying more interesting things than others.


  1. well all that i can say to your "abysmally low" knowledge of western classical music is that its a good start.

    and in between, if you really want to understand the power of the universal language of music, check out the works of a band called Deep Forest.

    and yes, watch Baraka its a beautiful film with no dialogues but if you can trust this stranger... it is one of the most visually stunning film that I have seen in my life!

  2. Anonymous7:15 am

    with regards to "the hum in my head" section ..all the songs have beautiful lyrics or guitar play except for one. and the award goes to "Ridin Dirty - Chamillionaire ft. Krayzie Bone " .. u gotta admit it .. its a pretty lame song.
    dunno really, pointing out anomalies is my job these days.

  3. anon: Each to his own I guess. "Nothing is ever good or bad, but thinking makes it so."

  4. Anonymous8:37 pm

    doing something in ('verse')ly proprtion to my rhythm...

    and blues

    amidst ALL the switzerlands and violins and Brahms...

    easy-e : hit the hooker

    ahem...not stuffing unasked suggestions down your or up your ( interestingly ?),but everything in the title AND the music is so so classically apt.


    go on...delete...

  5. I will let the seasoned pros do the talking.

    We should sometimes be anonymous, if nothing.

  6. If ever you have the time, and I mean ever not never, listen to some Sigur Ros and you'll realize what you have just realized.

  7. Anonymous11:09 am

    damn homie.. my intellect is so low...that i cant write anything sane here ..
    whts good?

  8. they see me rollin, they hatin...

    chamillionaire owns j00.. and so does lily allen

  9. haru: i had to google j00. and lily allen. ha

  10. welcome to the world of t3h leetspeak :)

  11. H4R|_|: Th3 w31(0m3 i5 4((3pt3d.
    I 134rn pr3tt`/ f45t 3h?


  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Anonymous12:46 am

    i am gay



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