18 October, 2007

Question 9

Teacher evaluation forms in my college are anonymous. They make for some very interesting reading.
Why is anonymity so alluring? Its like an incurable itch. Given the free reign of wearing a faceless mask, people to go great lengths to make their voice heard. Everyone suddenly has something to say. And that too with conviction. I fail to understand why it is so difficult saying what you have to while in your own shoes. Why? And don't tell me its to avoid bias. That's bunkum.
Considering all the anonymous comments here I'm sure someone will have an answer.


  1. Anonymous2:04 am

    no matter what, I am still gay

  2. Rajeev Rajan3:06 am


    A whisper in the dark (Read anonymity)

    Is heard better than a shout in sunshine..

    Trust me.. we have a thrown a lot of our visiting profs out with
    1) Anonymous unanimity
    2) Unanimous anonymity...

  3. anonymous7:50 am

    anons are like those critics ur friends could never be. take anon1 for example..

    as for the shoes, everyone knows that noface/shapeshifters == powaah.. and what do all men/women with powah wantz.. more powah. power to the anons(Y) on another note, a critic friend is like feebie being joey's agent.. just dont go well :(

    ps: that leet text was overkill.. took ages to understand O_O maybe u shud gimme lessons now

    p.p.s: is this rajeev ranjan by any chance??

    p.p.p.s: haru (Y)

  4. Anonymous7:04 pm

    hey shut up, I am gay and you are not!

  5. anonymity works best. no effing point getting embroiled in a small time personal spat with vindictive small-time guy....

  6. Anonymous8:12 am

    Hi, well i have only one thing to say. If anonymous posts are really bothering you this much to write a post about it. I think you can disable this feature on your settings. This will keep you at bay from those 'someone's including this one. As far as being saying something from one's shoes. Well sometimes withdrawal from oneself is the only remedy to what one's going through. I am not complaining that life is unfair and all that crap. I dont want to get heard either. Your experiences that share with us on this weblog are really refreshing and there is no doubt about that.
    It is really creative how you can make a simple journey so exciting, not to forget the pictures. It is really nice. Just post away as much as you can. There are 'some' people who actually wake up to these posts like me. I am sure you are not as bothered as you sound. Hope you are doing good.
    Goodluck Chandni

  7. bloody hell

    some fan following!

  8. anon: did anyone refute that? Don't go on like a broken record.

    Rajeev: Fancy seeing YOU here. Come along and add to the insanity reigning here. :)

    "goodluck chandni" anon person: If one has agreed to post one's writings online, one can't selectively filter the critique.

    Everyone comes to the sport,
    some wildly cheer
    the player has to play along
    others fanatically jeer.

    Lanky: Bloody hell

  9. Anonymous5:38 pm

    anonymous with nothing to say...?


  10. Anonymous11:59 pm

    I AM GAY

  11. You need courage to stand up and speak. Anonymity provides us with an easy way out!



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