23 September, 2007

Question 8

How does one resolve the contradiction of being an animal lover and a non-vegetarian?


  1. ha ha
    Excellent Question

    One decides to save only the endangered species ;-)

    Rest are next on the list of priorities. When it's time to move down the ladder of priorities, we will be long gone.

    Or maybe one decides that it's only NATURAL to sometimes give in to the primal instincts (pun intended) and indulge in the pleasure.

  2. Lanky2:15 am

    btw its Cuthda Flametooth over here

  3. u dont.. the idea itself is bogus.. unless u are talking of selective love. some people are grossed out by dogs while they adore the felines.

    its like asking how does one explain the contradiction of being indian and yet not being cheap

  4. Anonymous1:33 am

    It's biological balance.

  5. Anonymous3:16 am

    it can resloved by eating a meer cat found in the foothills of the andes.

  6. Anonymous2:48 pm

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  7. anon 1: biological imbalance considering how much i eat

  8. Anonymous12:36 pm

    Anonymous 1


    For every person who eats more than he loves the animals, there is one who loves more than he eats.

    You alone don't define the balance, you form a part of it.

  9. anon 1: aaargh, there goes my feeling of self-importance. I'm only a part?

    a part of the whole or a hole in the part?

  10. Anonymous10:19 am

    Convince yourself with as much self importance. It's human to do so.

    But, what is the truth will stay the same, always.
    You believe it....or not!


    ~Anonymous 1~

  11. Anonymous1:39 am

    animal lover should not emcompass all animals just like having a favourite band doesnt mean you like each one of their songs..
    say for example as much as i love coldplay..i did'nt like 42 in Viva la vida..

    what you dont love or dont like or are indiiferent towards are the ones that can be sacrificed without(much) guilt...

    so go eat the animals you want to and dont let the mental construct of contradictions stop from eating an animal if you want to..



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