05 September, 2007

Business As Usual

People around me are busy falling in love. They have little time for anything else. Entwined hands are falling over one another in their eagerness. Smile-soaked lips are mumbling sweet nothings. Dreams are conjuring themselves out of whims. The sky seems blue, the flowers so red. Oft-repeated anecdotes seem sweeter the third time over.Weariness no longer is a word.

The stray dog at the bus-stop stretches his muddy paws and dreams his little dream. The conductor plays his little madam-ye lijiye-seat-flirt-grin-heh-heh-see-you-tomorrow game. The leaves look brown under their coat of dust. Deadlines continue to keep dangle tantalizingly close. A butterfly flies through the traffic. The monsoons stick to their strike this season.

Me? I'm enjoying finding myself in the middle of inexplicably idiotic situations. As usual.


  1. that madame, doing natures bid is the big picture :)

  2. if only the big picture would change every friday. This one is a flop. Aaargh.

  3. Anonymous2:12 am

    How was the bus ride after that ?

  4. Trying to be a vine weaving out of the garden wall? Desperately searching for someone to prove that you are not alone? Take my word mist is fuggy outside the garden wall too!

  5. baaki sab to theek hai
    pehle post "justify" karo!

    p.s.: justify here refers to alignment in case your over-sized mind thought otherwise

  6. prabhu: in fact the opposite. desperately searching for the answer to prove why alone is my favourite place.

    sid: messy thoughts are NEVER aligned

  7. ahhh......dialogue madame...dialogue

  8. Anonymous10:13 am

    you didn't answer my question

  9. anon: bus rides, before and after flirtatious conductors are always best when over. Except when you get the window seat.

  10. Anonymous12:05 am

    why window seat? do they throw eggs or something at you.
    me kiddin

  11. I wouldn't be surprised if they did!

  12. anon: window seat = view. duh.

    delhiites are way too self-absorbed and busy to pelt ME with eggs. Me not kidding.

    lanky: zyada dimaag mat chala. ass.

    Prasoon: Thanks :)



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