20 August, 2007

Eye to I

Go on discard her
a moribund thought
an eggshell in your omlette
a raindrop in this drought
we walk on dead end roads
and stomp through open ended tales
we wallow in self pity
as we race those slithering snails
she is the gouge in your soul
she is the insipid dream
she is the sadistic laughter
straining to hear you scream
do I need shout louder
your mind is an avalanche of tears
don't make me spell out
each of them scathing fears.


  1. Anonymous12:55 pm

    its so hard to knw that you're nt there to help me face my tears...
    its so hard to knw the phones at reach,and i cannot hear ur voice...
    'its so hard to see u laughing when i am
    crying deep down inside...
    its so hard to jus find feeling and now i have to make them hide...
    its so hard to live widout you,when i need u more than words...
    i want to scream how much i love u but hold back and not to be heard...
    its so hard to go to sleep at night when i cannot dream of u...
    its so hard not to start crying when i hear ur fav song...
    its so hard to sit and wonder,wher did i go wrong??? its hard to live widout u if i only would have knwn i will neva love another..

    did ya ever in ur life felt dat u loved me....ever????for a second...

  2. beautiful..
    the one in comments is lovelier..

  3. Lanky2:13 pm

    A comment can hardly do justice. So I let it be.

  4. lanky: who wants justice?

  5. It's not for me to decide. It's not for me to ponder over.

  6. Exquisite. You're a natural.



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