03 May, 2007

this one's for you

* * *
smiles lose their way on her lips these days
in a breeze of bewilderment she nimbly sways
her heart shhhushes her mind as it clammers on
she won't listen today, she's a quirky song
impatience tugs, boredome itchs
she briddles and bellows at the prophetic witches
its not too late, she was so wrong
but isnt love a heart-soaked two-edged prong?
buried ghosts resurrect themselves once again
she struggles as the armour crumbles with pain
he indulgingly smiles at her foolish floundering feet
she learns her lessons like a shameless cheat
the silence stretches forth she whispers somehow
need I say aloud what you already know?
* * *


  1. Lanky2:49 am

    This one time, I find it too good for a comment.

  2. "he indulgingly smiles at her foolish floundering feet ..."
    true and faithful friends are a life-saver!

  3. the love hovers, spreads, drifts
    like an overbearing sweet smell
    for a while you inhale deeply
    but it does not seem enough
    to sustain a life and its flaws
    it burns it way down your throat
    the flames licking at the heart...

    something i wrote and somehow believe...relationships..they can take you just so far....

  4. its too good? naah its just honest.



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