25 May, 2007

Question 4

True or false?

Are God, horoscopes and the weather just good topics of conversation?


  1. Lanky3:42 am

    Add poetry, love and grades to the list.

  2. poetry? that isn't conversation material..poetry makes waltzs

    other two..(smacks head with palm in an "oh ofcourse" manner)yup.

  3. Oh yeah??
    I never knew you know!

    Waltz through the night?

  4. SOCCER!! nothing makes up for better conversation..The last day when a brilliant KAKA turn over was deemed commonplace by one of the onlookers(read girl) I gave my piece of mind.. See nothing goes past soccer as debating matter!!

  5. false hai
    God/Horoscopes :/
    dont think convos are possible about topics of faith w/o hurting or hitting someone :S .. no logic to them u see ..

    A:the weather is hot today
    B:yeah way too hot
    A: :notalk:

    dont think thats a real convo either

  6. Anonymous3:28 pm

    they are AMAZING topics of conversation....AMAZING FULFILLING RICH TAPESTRIED CANVASES of human idealogy and thought...


  7. A: the weather is hot today
    A:everyone is talking of global warming.u know anything about it?
    B: naah i don't
    A: haan haan you'v never picked up a paper in your life.
    B: arre paper se yaad aaya, please write me my term paper, i'l treat you. come on, come on please.
    A: do i look insane or what?
    B: you do but anyway, write it for me
    A: no way

    blah blah blah....u just need an imagination, and conversations are conjured from thin air. but then imaginations have their own moody ways.

  8. talking about moody..

  9. horoscopes... interestin topic of conversations...
    God... dnt dwell on dis one.. u'll end up hurtin sum1 or da oda...

  10. Anonymous3:31 am

    god!! is a topic which doesn exist for me..horoscopes are funny things..u can always talk bout thm..but not for more than a few seconds till th time u actually find ppl who read books bout thm..which is rather funny..i don understand how do thy get time for it..nd weather..th conversation which u mentioned as an eg. in ur own comments wasn related to weather..was related to a term paper.. :P
    global warmin is a topic to talk bout..but u need to read th paper for tht..or have some common sense..which i don find in many ppl these day.. :P




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