30 May, 2007

it ends tonight

will you hold me for as long as it takes hopes to shatter
a heartbeat to get breathless
murmuring tales in its contorted way
hold me
as pieces of me fall unanswered
the gods laugh as I tremble on the floor
tears well up a multitude of mirrors
the sheen on my murky flaws
People dance around
hideous grins obscure the faces
as my woe riddled soul
collapses into puddles
today the gods conspire
heaven is a sodden shade of brown
the bitter taste makes me smile
the old shrivels up
it ends tonight
I laugh aloud


  1. been tired of people lately?

    i hate poetry..i hardly understand it

    i come here just to advertise myself

  2. Anonymous11:26 pm

    you know...i read the first 2 lines...and i paused becasue reading them made me ...morbidly calm...you know...atleast there IS someone who understands body language( :P ) this desperately and fulfillingly :P


  3. sid, go take a walk.

    ani: we tend to forget those moments of breathless laughter, of stomach-empty hollowness, of bone-pulverizing hugs. there are two things i look up to in people; creativity and exuberence.

  4. I dont think I can understand this fully but am giving it my best try.

    Th last four lines however made sense when I could connect them to how I react when things end.

    I re-read and found it to be sweet :)

    Keep scribbling.

  5. you getting married?!!!!! :)

  6. LOL... (refer to the reply above)

  7. LOL... (refer to the reply above)

  8. were u out and high..:P

  9. magiceye: :O

    prason: good to cu here

    android: yes. btw is 'high' mean being happy/sad/ gleeful/giggly/moronic/what?

  10. thats a beautiful verse...and i would like to think sarcastic too?



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