05 April, 2007

Mooning over her dawn

The day is closing its weary arms
in a humble defeated bow
to the darkness creeping upon it
with the stealth of a friend for a backstabber
gnawing from the front
The moon she alights: quirky , all smiles
cherubic in her guise of white simplicity
she quivers with anticipation
the night beckons
with sheafs of urgent darkness
wolves howl echoes to the winds' ragged breath.
In her stolen silent light,
the ugly revel
thwarted in daylight, set free
by the pitch murkiness of a night
feeble footed bats
pesky scrambling rats
wide-eyed owls
snarling wolves
lovers entwined
figures distorted
as shadows play
rude games with her light.
She stares below
anguish highlighting dark blotches
where ebony fingers tarnish the ivory.
She fervently awaits
for her light-bathed knight
for whom golden hues dance
for whom her light pales in a sigh
for whom holding her breath
prolongs the agony
of another love-washed wishful night
Dawn cracks,
she reigns him in by the fragile thread of flattery
he is the king of dawn
the slave of the moonlight
he blooms as she fades
ending the darkness
and her night of glory
she blushes into oblivion
reveling in his triumph
as he rides in, supreme,
a sore second to her charm.


  1. Anonymous9:41 pm

    damn woman...

    it is so simple...



  2. Isme simple kya hai??? Koi samjhayega??

  3. Anonymous9:45 pm

    i love bandars :)
    take care

  4. Anonymous1:49 am

    ya ya right.......

  5. Anonymous1:52 am

    gajab bakar blog......
    Dont worry you dont know me......
    Get well soon.....

  6. Anonymous1:59 am

    blog extreme.........

  7. Anonymous2:06 am

    hail mogambo.......

  8. Anonymous1:29 pm

    Ye chatur naar badi hoshiyaar :D

  9. Anonymous9:12 pm

    Dawn looks back,
    agaping the moonlight now he lacks.
    The serenity is of the moon,stars and the dark sky,
    is taken by the yelloe sun and the birds flying high.
    Each one taking his message to the dusk.
    Deep in the horizon where the moonlight struck.


  10. ani:
    of simplicity he spoke
    convoluted tales of simplicity

    prabhu:samajhne wale samajh gaye, jo na samjhe woh anari hain

    bandar: whoever you'v been talking to, its improving your poetry. wonder if i know this person...??

    anon: all you shrouded souls, if you are one person gud hai, otherwise u can differentiate urselves by anon1,anon2 lol...its bugging the way anonymity has splattered its weird self on my blog. AND I am well thankyou.

  11. Anonymous4:18 pm

    Anonymity has always attracted the attention of people. Anonymous phone calls, anonymous killers :P etc.

    If you get to know who was the anonymous among the anonymous lot then the anonymous one doesnt remain anonymous anymore. He has got an identity amongst all the anonymous which differentiates him from the anonymous lot and making him someone whom you know as not being as anonymous as the rest.

    So my lady lets not worry about the anonymity and so lets keep moving on our respective unknown or better said "anonymous" paths, crossing each others once in a while.

  12. Dear Miss Chandni,

    I'll not comment on the body.
    1. I always hated the front bench kids who feel compelled to ask questions or state the obvious.

    2.Poetry is what gets lost in translation.
    -Robert Frost

  13. rohit: so?

    anon: that has to be the most convoluted thing i have read in the past week ot two...whoa if i knew, i'd have never asked you



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