01 April, 2007

"happy birthday to you"

29th March '07
There is this bus load of people on their way to Chandigarh (Pinjore actually). The entire bus is fast asleep.
Time = 3:30p.m. Hot. The sun has become his mean alter ego that he reserves especially for Indian summers. Its dry and still, bumpy and dusty all rolled into one sultry afternoon. Three backseaters are not able to sleep. What do they do? They sneak in a cassette through the conductor to the bus's broken down (khatara is the word) player. Its got Backstreet Boys and N Sync on it (:D). Glee. Mega glee. The threesome - Roosi (hapless drummer with two Bisleri bottles as drum sticks), Choosi (blumbering lead singer who knows no lyrics) and Isoo (lead guitarist cum vocals backup cum harmonium piano flute sitar player) assemble their band. Now begins the fun. They sing at the top of their voices, create a racket and generally fall all over the other slumbering members of the bus.
Time: 4:45p.m. The bus is awake, full of cranky, angered people wondering where all the noise is originating from. they turn towards the dregs of the bus. The band grins, eats Bourbon biscuits, decides to name itself the Borbouns (or "Born Bonds" eeeewwww ha ha) and rocks on. Mission accomplished.
30th March '07:
Time: 7:30 p.m
The bus nears Delhi - back home from a long journey. Six particularly enthusiastic maniacs are screaming their lungs out from the backseat. Asoo, Isoo, Choosi, Roosi, Misoo, Maisii. As the bus turns in towards its destination, the six sopranos decide to sing a song the entire bus can sing together. Something that would shake the other 23 people from their lethargy and perpetual mode of sleepiness. They rack their brains, scratch their chins, hum all the songs they can think of, juggle through anything remotely musical they can imagine and finally hit upon THE song. The song everyone knows.
The trip ended with the sonic six singing "Happy Birthday To You".


  1. Usually I am one of the first losers commenting on the crappiness of your posts. I try sounding convincing(but u realize otherwise I am sure) so that other people might think thr was some hidden meaning which they failed to comprehend.

    But even geniuses must fail sometimes. But I'll try.

    Oh dear,what a nice post.You really managed to make me chuckle with delight this time.Did you really do that?

    gud gud

    i just thank god i was not the one being subjected to cacophonic-torture by the band-to-be.

    may their soul rest in peace.amen.

  2. Anonymous5:54 pm

    sophomore's joking.
    1st April.

  3. just for the record:anonymity is annoying at times

  4. nice.?
    hope ur trip was nice as much.

  5. Anonymous1:50 am

    ya ya right again.......



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