10 March, 2007

queer questions

why is the sun so bright today
why do the flowers sing along
where is everybody buzzing to
as my heart plays a broken song?
* * *
someone's feeling
really really really low
why o' why
how would I know.


  1. chiku1:44 pm

    Sometimes you just can't get a song out of your head. And if you don't get hold of it, nothing can irritate you more.

  2. Lanky2:50 am

    what the heck!!!!
    who the hell is this chiku???
    meri post chaap raha/rahi hai yahan
    comment mein bhi plagiarizing???
    how dull can one be???

  3. chiku, whoever you are, come out from the shadows of obscurity. a certain "lanky" is very keen to know u better...lol

  4. the sun hurt my eyes today ... too bright!

  5. you know maiylah just as the sun was getting too hot to handle here, god entertained us with a nice shower
    its been raining all day :)

  6. chiku8:53 pm

    Tumhari tatti post padhane ka time nahin hai mere pass

  7. chiku's been upto some hanky panky

    watch out lanky's going to give u a spanky

    but we can join our forces and bug him

    gawd he is afterall so dim :P

    way to go!!!

  8. Why am feelin so low...
    dnt ask u wudnt wanna kno...



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