09 March, 2007

Once upon a time in a GIS class

He drones on and on
toneless and grey
my mind nods along
a galaxy away.
He mumbles shiftily
and tugs at his tie
someone burps aloud
dormant I lie.
He talks to his face
I to mine
he teeters along
a perfectly crooked line.
Pencils trace lazy doodles
jokes filter through
a guffaw breaks out promising
to send sanity astrew.
my eyes wide open
my brain closed shut
my imagination decides
to go out for a strut.

Okay I did write this in my rubbishy GIS class.
And yes the poem is silly, but what do you expect from a semi-sleepy GIS hater.
I hate my GIS teacher and he's my H.O.D.
Well GIS happens to be Geographic Information System.


  1. chiku3:51 am

    Got some serious talent here :D

  2. Lanky4:30 am

    arre ye ladki bahut hi bekaar likhti hai
    i told her otherwise and she was like-arre my writings are so juvenile

    so i thought it must be the other way round and my judgment must be wrong

    to i have reached the conclusion ki ye bahut bekaar likhti hai

  3. lanky needs a spanky

  4. Lanky4:33 am

    ye obscene hai
    isko censor kar doonga

  5. chinku: where from do you descend?

    lanky: yeh adulton ka blog hai. what are you doing here anyway?

  6. Lanky3:08 pm

    i am here to do a Che Guevara
    and reveal the crappiness of this blog to all the unsuspecting inmates of the blogosphere......

    Long Live Revolution!!

  7. :)nice one...brings a smile!

  8. hehehe,,
    i think i should also try my hand at poetry in my sleepy classes..i have load of them

  9. lanky look for another lost cause...oh oh just look in the mirror instead

  10. D: poetry is gud to keep u awake, it makes u luk like ur taking down notes AND it gets put up on ur blog..wat more cud u ask 4 from a boring class?

  11. hmmmm....
    it seems better than sketching coz teacher wont be able to figure out at first glance



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