27 March, 2007

bashing the blues...poetically

She is stretched across contradictions
threads of sanity pulling either way
hell threatens to engulf, to break free
heaven beckons, a teardrop away
- - -
will the lady allow herself
the comfort of memories so withered?
would she rather threaten "now" to collide
with her. bitter,war-paint smeared.
- - -
she gasps in mouthfuls of pain
brokenly breathes in that smell
of her soul breaking into mirages
collapsing into a shell.
- - -
yearning, bruising, she opens those eyes
will you hold her this one last time
she lies there torn, demanding pity
proudly begging you to hold her right.
- - -
What is it about memories that always makes me sad? Happy ones remind me of all the good times and how I miss them, sad ones wring my tears dry. Either this is one of those times when the pessimist in me wins the battle and does all the talking or its just one of those unfathomable ways my mind works. I guess everyone is allowed to be cranky/ weird/ pitiful/ unhappy/ generally pathetically wasted once in a while.


  1. Anonymous1:12 pm

    the tango or capoeira or aikido...


  2. Young miss Chandni, please do not apply the Theory of Relativity to life. It’ll do to your life exactly what it does to Mathematicians’ (et al). Complicate it.

    Don’t breathe your memories relative to today. Relive them in isolation and independent of others. This approach should make ‘happy’ memories justify their nomenclature.
    K I'm leaving for home now.

  3. Anonymous9:58 pm

    Theory of relativity to life.Please elaborate mr. Einstein.

    @ Miss bumbles
    memories need to be cherished. Bad times are good learning experiences and good times remind how happy you were or can be.

  4. gawd ani u were so right...
    (ok ok rolled eyes, quizzical, wonder what's she saying look)

    rohit: if reliving them in utter isolation were all that easy would I be writing about what I just did? brains are convoluted beings. best left to their own damn devices.

    anon: yes yes i do happen to know abutt the valuable, cliched "memories need to be cherished" thingummyjig. but it doesn't work that way. thats the pathetic tragedy of it all.

  5. @Anon:
    Relativity- there are no absolutes, things are measured etc relative to others. (he's talking about position, motion etc, I hope there's no elaboration required here...else use wiki, google, princeton)
    Relativity-Application to life- Measuring a memory relative to your present.
    If you had exerted a little you'd have got the connection.

  6. @Chandni: Yes its not. Clearly you had either not tried it earlier or had failed. Often the obvious is not so obvious- that's the reason for my advice.

  7. I was here.

  8. Anonymous5:32 pm

    rolled eyes with what she is doing look...that's what usually happens...oh NO DAMN...no BAD talk around here...i remember guardian angels around you hovering here...namaste didi...!!!sheesh...


  9. memories - scanned for comfort and searched for lessons learnt

    well written indeed

  10. everyone should be allowed to be what they are, what they want to be...or who they choose to be.
    just an opinion. ;P

  11. Words I hate-
    thingammyjig,whatchamacallit et al (wannabe-ish inventions)

  12. "frankly my dear, i don't give a damn"
    sorry if I sound rude, but couldn't resist quoting rhett buttler :D



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