18 February, 2007

whither do I wither?

Today is one of those days.

You are happy (no reason for you not to be), you are smiling, doing all those normal things you do everyday but still there's a queer sadness tugging at your insides. Even the skies are mirroring my mood today. The sun is shining but a small fluff of cloud is dousing his fire.

Its one of those very informative days. It tells me:

  • That I like apple juice more than any other drink.
  • That no matter what, mint will always make me balk and if I don't find a different flavoured tootpaste soon, I may have to give up brushing my teeth.
  • That I like messiness. Messy hair, messy clothes, messy kitchens, messy beds, messy heads.
  • That any movie is worth it if you have a superbig bowl of popcorn, a blanket and a someone to snuggle upto (yes dogs and even you yourself qualify).
  • That sleeping in the afternoons is a luxury I adore.
  • That I eat more when I'm angry, sad, happy or bugged. Therefore, I always eat a lot.
  • That I love "Outside" by Staind, "Iris" by Goo Goo Dolls, "Crazy Dreams" by MLTR and all of Eminem and Coldplay .
  • That no matter how many times I read Anne of Green Gables, (L.M. Montgomery) I will read it one more time.
  • That thunderstorms are somehow better than the rain they usher forth. Thunder is terrifyingly glorious. It is stunning, beautiful, powerful, trembling, hollow, loud, vulnerable all in one contradicting moment.
  • That crying alone makes me bitter.
  • That such days are usually more rain less shine.

Monday blues on a sunday?

fondly forlorn



  1. Anonymous2:12 am

    you make think about one THOSE days ...

    The Scintillating guy

  2. the "queer sadness tugging at your sides..." i felt today. sigh.

  3. what is thr to comment on this?
    so no comment...
    but this is proof tht i read it
    baad mein mat kehna

  4. Chaaa.... (Hint: Refer to some telugu dictionary)



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