05 February, 2007

banter n blah blah

Question: What kind of music do you like?
Answer: Is that question even legal?

Its drab.

Why do we feel comfortable confining things to pre-conceived, pre-planned little boxes? People ask me if I listen to rock. Rock? I don't know what rock means. Or pop/jazz/blues/death metal/classical/house/trance/rap/
techno/ alternative/country/acid/punk/grunge/blah blah blah.
I listen to music I like. Period.

I hate labels. Why can't you enjoy Justin Timberlake and Iron Maiden in the same breath? Or relish a Jane Austen and as well as a Chetan Bhagat? (ok ok not with the same fervour)

Don't ask me for a damn genre. I don' know what they mean. And I don't care. Why tie people up in mindless confines? Why do we need that sense of 'belonging' to a certain sect?

Or is the solitude of our own company so utterly terrifying?


  1. yuhoo!
    mera fav subject....
    baad mein comment karoonga on the post
    fursat mein
    got exams ryt now!

  2. oooooo
    i await thee comments with baited breath...come on I know everyone's going to rip me apart. Though god knows why.

  3. you have just managed to categorise yourself in the 'radical' category..

  4. now i know there's trance music! hahaha
    labels are there to avoid clutter, i guess ... makes it easier to "find a needle in a haystack".
    but still, clutter exists. ;P

  5. magiceye: radical??? of all the words that's one I wouldn't choose to describe myself.

    Maiylah: guess you'r right, but I don't understand people's fanatism to listen to "rock" or "trance". you can be a rocker who likes backsreet boys for all I care and it wouldnt make you any lesser the mortal you are.

  6. ok this is the characteristic insomniac-3-am-in-the-morning comment. I could not wait till end of the week.

    Music rises above confines.One can not limit its greatness to a particular genre.

    metal is cool....pop is not...that is trosh...period...

    moreover,music speaks to the heart and so one need not care what others are blabbing about

    but coming to the modalities of "genre-ising" music...we kinda come to develop peculiar tastes(very much like me relishing rabdi more than ras-malai)...so i guess we tend to give names to the kind of music we like...for the purpose of sharing it with other like-minded blokes....or maybe just for the heck of it

    then again...if u like one kind of music and a new record is labelled to be of the same genre u r bound to try it out...come to think of it.....it might very well be some gargantuan marketing strategy ;)

    but in the end it all boils down to what one likes...whether i listen to Boyzone or Black Sabbath shud be none of ur business as long as i relish both

    BTW mere blog ka link galat de rakha hai :X
    its http://iamgonnarock.blogspot.com

  7. Could not agree more with Sopho...

  8. sid: u send one wrong link, u get one in return...bt the error has been corrected.

    ani: thanks for telling me verbally how shitty this post was. more because i KNOW its shitty :P

  9. Anonymous1:41 pm


    see...i wasn't shy telling that !!!

    body warmingly yours...


  10. mozart and daddy yankee in the same breath

  11. Anonymous11:52 pm

    That question should be surely made illegal.. i dont know what kind of music i listen to..maybe it's because i dont know what comes under which kind..

    Question:Under what genre would the music i like, right from the 60's till date come under?



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