27 February, 2007

*grin grin*

There are times when you fall in love with yourself:

when you're eating chocolate and "m" can't because she just finished brushing her teeth for the night.

when you get attendence in class inspite of entering late just because your roll number is the second last.

when there is no mint chewing gum in the car and everyone ends up having my favourite horribly sugary fruity flavour.

when there's only one size of that crazily lovely kurta left and it fits you only because you're so short.

when you find that no matter how silly/stupidly infuriating/nonsensical/ bugging you are , there are people who will still stick their necks out for you.

*grin grin*

24 February, 2007

triangles (mnc :P)

the three wise sages sit afar
triangles of words play their part
hither, thither and somewhere in between
a pink, a blue and a lime green
they wonder at fate and its convoluted ways
oft repeated words, long-lost days
hope shimmers and glistens...flightless birds
three of us hinge on specks of words
days yawn forth but you just know
some pinks and greens upon each other grow

18 February, 2007

whither do I wither?

Today is one of those days.

You are happy (no reason for you not to be), you are smiling, doing all those normal things you do everyday but still there's a queer sadness tugging at your insides. Even the skies are mirroring my mood today. The sun is shining but a small fluff of cloud is dousing his fire.

Its one of those very informative days. It tells me:

  • That I like apple juice more than any other drink.
  • That no matter what, mint will always make me balk and if I don't find a different flavoured tootpaste soon, I may have to give up brushing my teeth.
  • That I like messiness. Messy hair, messy clothes, messy kitchens, messy beds, messy heads.
  • That any movie is worth it if you have a superbig bowl of popcorn, a blanket and a someone to snuggle upto (yes dogs and even you yourself qualify).
  • That sleeping in the afternoons is a luxury I adore.
  • That I eat more when I'm angry, sad, happy or bugged. Therefore, I always eat a lot.
  • That I love "Outside" by Staind, "Iris" by Goo Goo Dolls, "Crazy Dreams" by MLTR and all of Eminem and Coldplay .
  • That no matter how many times I read Anne of Green Gables, (L.M. Montgomery) I will read it one more time.
  • That thunderstorms are somehow better than the rain they usher forth. Thunder is terrifyingly glorious. It is stunning, beautiful, powerful, trembling, hollow, loud, vulnerable all in one contradicting moment.
  • That crying alone makes me bitter.
  • That such days are usually more rain less shine.

Monday blues on a sunday?

fondly forlorn


13 February, 2007

she's lost this time

you saunter back with the unhurried
finalty of a second ticking past
she soars with fear and yellowed hopes
you peek into her and wonder how
in that cacophonic hollow she gropes

10 February, 2007

the disappearing trick

I ridicule my Self
and scour the alleys of my memories
searching for a You
I ask by-standers
for directions
to the back of my mind

05 February, 2007

banter n blah blah

Question: What kind of music do you like?
Answer: Is that question even legal?

Its drab.

Why do we feel comfortable confining things to pre-conceived, pre-planned little boxes? People ask me if I listen to rock. Rock? I don't know what rock means. Or pop/jazz/blues/death metal/classical/house/trance/rap/
techno/ alternative/country/acid/punk/grunge/blah blah blah.
I listen to music I like. Period.

I hate labels. Why can't you enjoy Justin Timberlake and Iron Maiden in the same breath? Or relish a Jane Austen and as well as a Chetan Bhagat? (ok ok not with the same fervour)

Don't ask me for a damn genre. I don' know what they mean. And I don't care. Why tie people up in mindless confines? Why do we need that sense of 'belonging' to a certain sect?

Or is the solitude of our own company so utterly terrifying?


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