07 December, 2006

envy (invidia)

Divine virtue: Kindness
Punishment: Placed in freezing water
Symbol: Dog
Demon: Leviathan
Colour: Green

Furtive glances
there and where
shifty eyes
glean over
a jealous heart
turns a sickly
shade of green

pea soup
frog skin
putrid flesh
horse shit
dying leaf

jealousy washes
wave upon wave
stronger it pulses
wades in the sand
green with muck

parrot feather
bread mold
poison dart
demon tongue
sickened blood

green hues paint a world in the envious frame of jealousy

I've been waiting for this sin to come along. I can't throw any light on the dark green intricate avenues of envy. I can't claim to even begin to comprehend the whys and whats of jealousy. But I do know its natural. And I do know its often me.


01 December, 2006

wrath (ira)

Divine virtue: Meekness (composition)
Punishment: Dismembered alive
Symbol: Bear
Demon: Satan

Colour: Red

she is angry, wild whimpering
heated words spew out
showering sparks.
the third eye opens
wrath evoked.
a sullen mouth shapes
enraged thoughts
for nobody to catch
she lashes out
brimming, blowing forth.
needy in her cloudburst
unheard in her thunder
as the storm spends itself
she bottles up her wrath
seething inside.



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