18 November, 2006

Gluttony (gula)

Divine virtue: Temperance (self-restraint)
Punishment: Forced to eat rats, snakes and toads
Symbol: Pig
Demon: Beelzebub
Colour: Orange

Saw Mrs. Sharma's oily little son? With a perpetual grease-soaked something clutched in his pudgy hand, face crinkled in layers of fat and glee. Hobbling along on his squirmy legs to grab the next edible thing that passes under his drooling nose.

Then there is that girl living across the road. Wears enough makeup to con you into believing that she is as hedious as she isn't. Hungers after a new wardrobe every few ticks of the clock. Simpers and swoons with an art that will put Aunt Pitty to shame. Aunt Pitty, Gone with the Wind, ring any litrary bells? Or any bells for that matter?

Watched the pompous old fart who ambles out of his car? The buttons on his coat are itching to burst but he is riddled with more serious concerns of quenching his thirst for money. Money? Does he realise his poverty? Never walked under the moon and her batallion of stars. Never washed his happiness with a fresh rain. Never known the satisfaction of a hunger-hidden meal. His utter incomprehension... and he doesn't even know.

Gluttony stares us in the face. In all forms. All ways. Always.

When is gluttony not ugly? When it sheds its shroud of want. But then it is no longer gluttony.



  1. Anonymous9:00 pm

    '... her batallion of stars...'



  2. Anonymous11:29 am

    kno' what.. one finds 'em 'gulas' everywhere. sigh.

  3. Anonymous11:30 am

    i liked 'all ways, always'

  4. ani: 'wow'


    didi: presumably d first comment from ur new lappie ;) cheers

  5. hmm...
    St. Chandni...arent we somewhat confusing gluttony with greed??
    or are they shades of the same vice?
    or r they distinct....so much so that they can be labelled differently?

    but neways...love the style...sarcasm mixed with subtle humor...almost eliotic....ah...rem macavity??

  6. that's exactly wat i wanted to highlight: gluttony isn't just gorging...it is that and much more...its an insatiable craving...where no amount is too much. i'v portrayed it as a shade of greed as you say...it is isnt it?
    btw thanks :P

  7. It salivates; it reeks
    forever 'more' gluttony seeks,
    With an insane glee in the eyes
    it claws and to grab all it tries
    forever 'more' gluttony seeks
    of an insatiable hunger gluttony speaks.....

  8. Anonymous11:50 am

    craving for more ... and more. never satisfied, huh?!
    love the word play!

  9. nive: thankyou for that, truely beautiful...sums up my thots 4 me :P

    maiylah: thankyou :)
    can't help it, words just love to play



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