26 November, 2006

sloth/laziness (pigritia'acedia)

Divine Virtue: Diligence
Punishment: Thrown in snake pits
Symbol: Goat
Demon: Belphegor
Colour: Light blue

the sloth wrings my intentions one by one
i want to
i hope to
i wish to
but the sloth ebbs in and out
people question
i answer: 'i'm too lazy'
ever felt the rude helplessness
of rarely being understood
i try to explain
but the sloth is my pet, my master
i bow and bow wow
do i even want you to unravel me?
laze covers me in a haze
i close my eyes
sloth sings me my lullaby


21 November, 2006

Greed (cupiditia' avaritia)

Divine virtue:Love of others
Punishment: Put in pots of boiling oil
Symbol: Frog
Demon: Mammon
Colour: Yellow

Greedy to be with you and without.

to lap up your praise. and revel in it.

to feel pain. writhe. appreciate it.

to hold you. and be held.

my vanity is moulded as you snuggle against my ears.

i greedily push forward. a trifle closer. a baited breath longer.

greedy to hear my laughter echoed in your words.

to tease. and appease.

to stiffle. to repel. to restrain. to refrain.

to let loose. to wander. to beg you to beg me.

to clutch. hold. leave. and wither without.

to have my thoughts splayed spread-eagled.

wide-eyed.wonderstruck.at thinking of anything.

thinking of you.

i greedily amass the wealth of a look.

a glance. twisted lips. eyes. a you.

greed. its my vice. its my virtue.

i am lost. with it. without it.

Do you think greed is a vice? Even if it is fed on you? I wonder. I really wonder.


18 November, 2006

Gluttony (gula)

Divine virtue: Temperance (self-restraint)
Punishment: Forced to eat rats, snakes and toads
Symbol: Pig
Demon: Beelzebub
Colour: Orange

Saw Mrs. Sharma's oily little son? With a perpetual grease-soaked something clutched in his pudgy hand, face crinkled in layers of fat and glee. Hobbling along on his squirmy legs to grab the next edible thing that passes under his drooling nose.

Then there is that girl living across the road. Wears enough makeup to con you into believing that she is as hedious as she isn't. Hungers after a new wardrobe every few ticks of the clock. Simpers and swoons with an art that will put Aunt Pitty to shame. Aunt Pitty, Gone with the Wind, ring any litrary bells? Or any bells for that matter?

Watched the pompous old fart who ambles out of his car? The buttons on his coat are itching to burst but he is riddled with more serious concerns of quenching his thirst for money. Money? Does he realise his poverty? Never walked under the moon and her batallion of stars. Never washed his happiness with a fresh rain. Never known the satisfaction of a hunger-hidden meal. His utter incomprehension... and he doesn't even know.

Gluttony stares us in the face. In all forms. All ways. Always.

When is gluttony not ugly? When it sheds its shroud of want. But then it is no longer gluttony.


15 November, 2006

Lust (luxuria)

Divine Virtue: Chastity (purity)
Punishment: Smothered in fire and brimstone
Symbol: Cow
Demon: Asmodeus
Colour: Blue

scratching. gnawing.
hunger feeds upon starving flesh.
yearning. tearing.
glowing flecks of hope light hidden wants
a stealthy glance. a stolen touch.
breathes a breath through my putrifying self
needs rip. shred. cravings burn.
urgent fingers flit over. flit past.
touch on. touch down.
psychadelic hues bathe an unwilled form.
silent, borrowed glee
gurgles forth. ripples. shudders.
dark, agitated locks fly...
angry rain-flooded clouds .
arched urges pour forth
whispers echo aloud, crawl under and surround.
anticipation gorges
exhausted, i lick wounded wishes.


13 November, 2006

The Seven Deadly Sins

Through a series of the next seven posts, I am going to explore my perception of the cardinal sins which, according to early Christian teachings, if indulged in, resulted in punishment in hell. the sins are divided into two categories: venial (can be forgiven through confession) and capital (leads to damnation in hell)

St. Gregory the Great wrote about the seven vices in his work Moralia in Job in the later part of 6 A.D. He arranged the sins according to their offence against love. I will use this ranking to follow the sins one by one.

Each sin has a corresponding virtue and is linked to a particular symbol , demon and punishment in heaven.

let me off..till my next..

07 November, 2006

cold feet

deadlines are making tired resigned piles.
i moan. i moan. cold feet make me shiver.

02 November, 2006

Look my way
see beauty steal upon me
the cloth ripple over.scratching.soothing
your eyes fondle and sculpt my body
i writhe in the agony of knowing that you can, at will, create an illusion so vivid, I can touch my mirrored reflection.

Hear the embers crackle
in my heart's glowering silence

Touch the ache piercing my shapeless melted self
as it throbs life through me
the pain.
I selfishly indulge in self-indulgence.I lean towards then rip myself way.

Sighs whoosh out a tired, expectant mouth
hands wring each other throttling wrists in vain.
jealousy romps over me as I watch you exhale.inhale.
I'd flutter into a wisp of wind.
To be breathed in, breathed out, breathed on
If I didn't know you better, I would love you.



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