25 October, 2006

uncomfortably numb....

"A weary evening sky blushes a warm pink.
shamefacedly acknowledging his lust for the moon.
he wooes her with a carpet of star-splashed hopes.
the temptress that she is.
she shapes her answers in a different tantalizing form each night."

I am back from my village..a little hamlet tucked away in an obscure corner of India's ignored rural landscape...my haven. My island of tranquility. On one of my evening walks, I looked at the setting sun as it washed the sky with a sanguine tinge...and the words just came to me...they narrated themselves to my ears. I whistled to my dogs, they pattered along...


  1. jhakaas re!!!

    u r gonna become a tempstress if u keep using words that way....
    carpet of stars...like that...i felt quite the same way in kandikhal...the placce whr i spent 10 days during my internship...walks down the hillside with the school teachers-little urchins tagging along slyly...

    A pale sky covered by pitch darkness
    Like a patient etherized on table
    A divine scene painted by His brush
    For mere mortal eyes to behold

    Blotched by the arrows of Apollo,
    The vanquisher of thy darkness and
    The beacon of tiny flecks of light.
    Much more and less at the same time

  2. Anonymous9:45 am

    oi chica...

    you are getting lustier with a pen and paper...

    my comrade in arms...

    i go down...


  3. Hi ! Thanks you for visiting my blog and for leaving a nice message. Be visiting you from now on, hope its ok!

    enjoy the rest of the week!

  4. ani: do u dance as well as d fullstop in those three letters does?
    waltz away..sweep me..off our feet

  5. sid: happy enuf 2 inspire verse in u sir...about being a temptress...words r not the only wand i wave..
    eeeeeeeeeeuuuuu did i sound icky? i think i did
    hell..so much 4 d temptress teeheehee

  6. ate cha..glad 2 cu here. will foward to getting ur feedback :)

  7. Anonymous7:48 pm

    wow...you and ani are really quite good with this..!!
    beautiful and elegant, ma'am!! :))

  8. maiylah: thankyou thankyou :)



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