30 October, 2006


They say a lot of things.

"They" - the faceless mass of people, cultures, history, thoughts, all rolled into one inexplicably intimidating jumble of notions...preconceived ones at that.

Everyone knows the "theys". They are like the Sharmas or the Khannas along with their snotty little kids. Only a tad more opiniated and vocal. They have a weird way of creeping upon you, as if they had padded soles (souls?) and then they whisper/mumble/tell/shout/screeeeam their ideas into your head. They often worry me into believing their ways. I get carried away, useless chaff in the merciless winds of circumstances..the good, the bad and watever is supposed to lie in between those infinities.

I hate the "theys", they pollute with their notions and gentle prodding which is like a punctuated dagger, more prolonged and more painful. They come in all forms

- a friend who tells you to stop cribbing and start living, enjoying days which you actually feel like blowing your nose into and crumpling away.

- a mother who tells you to study hard

- a lover who asks for forgiveness...come on ya...cheating isnt such a huge do they say...things stink when they go bad...and relationships? They reek of the cheap perfume of disloyalty.

I told you. They speak a lot. Can someone tell them to hush it down? Its deafening my shut ears.


  1. Anonymous10:44 am


    everything that i want to write here is NOTHING coming out, ma'am...i'm saying stuff that has a rhythm and your and my feet in the thick of it...

    c'mon chandni...make my day...

  2. Anonymous11:05 pm

    hmmm..they'll always be there...
    we'll just have to learn not to get too influenced by them.
    and still walk free. ;P

  3. come to think of it....i am "they"....or shud it be a "he"....whatever...my point is....GOSH!!!

  4. What a discovery!? What did I discover?? The world of Chandini's thoughs, poems, arts, etc... =) I'm quite surprised I did not stumble upon all you work earlier... from the looks of it, it's the "in" place to be on the web.

    Well, now... it's time to read more of your 'banter'. =P

  5. maiylah: the whole problem is that sometimes you can't help but listen to them and then feel wretched that you did.

    sopho SIR: we all are the "they" ..thats d part that sucks na..

    raj: thanks 4 dropping by.really
    looking forward to seeing more of u here..

  6. hmmmm.... read all of it...getting darker i must say....... much more than it was earlier... it is good as usual but u seem a little angry..

  7. heh heh ..nive u know sometimes i realise that i'v changd sooo much dat i hardly recognize myself! anyway...
    thanks 4 reading
    hope 2 c more of u ab

  8. Anonymous11:54 pm

    after readin this..i feel as if m th friend who tells u to stop cribbin nd enjoy life..but wat i mean is do wat u want..but atleast let me kno y...u hv a good reason..nd i hv a shut mouth..basically m not gonna stop it..so tolerate me..pls!!! :P




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