12 October, 2006

its a smile splashed day!!!!!

Some things make me happy...in a "candyfloss - fuzzy, inexplicable" way....

twiddling rain - soaked, crinkled - with - water toes.

eating plain thick slabs of bitter dark chocolate...and sharing them (I used to think eating chocolates alone is fun...but sharing them ....orgasmically intimate).

kajal on eyes. dream - drenched eyes.

puppy - mouth smell...even better than the "wet earth" smell.

Singing. Loudly.

time spent with dogs...always my moments of unadulterated joy...I could live with dogs my whole life and not miss people. Really.

Hugs. We are so stingy with them...thats why dogs help. You hug them, they make love to you.

imperfection. I revel in it.

dancing alone.

writing my diary.

working with my hands....I bow to the soothing touch of a tired day.

I am happy today..in an "insane giggling, guffawing fit" way
chandni : )


  1. one of the things i like:
    just lying on my bed and reading insanely-craze-yet-poochy-poochy reads like this

  2. btw....keep smiling ;)

  3. Anonymous1:03 pm

    do you occasinally give yourself away?..tell this to me in my next...


  4. sid: i forgot to add reading..gets me SO happy to read..from "only for the brainless mills n boons" to "am i even brainy enuf to understand ayn rand" stuff
    reading is adorable....
    always :)

    ani: u'd b astonished 2 believ sir...that i do..let myself go....n i metamorphosize into this hugely hot chick then!!!! ha ha ha ...

    btw sid AND ani: u both use the words puchhi puchhi!!!

    THAT is insanely funny

  5. Anonymous10:22 am

    ayn rand is just the beginning...


  6. puchhi puchhi heh heh

  7. Anonymous10:31 am

    "..I could live with dogs my whole life and not miss people.."
    ~yeah, i used to think that, too..that's what pushed me to follow the course that i got in college. hahaha..
    love this happy bumbling post! :)

  8. A read thru ur piece definitely helped me get thru the morose mood of mine(=read exams). Beautifully articulated...Hell ya...FEELing better now.....

  9. maiylah: wat did u stdy in coll? i always wantd 2 become a vet but didnt clear the darn entrance tests!!!

    prabhu: glad some of my glee spilled over..grin grin

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. hey its so heartning to have such real things give one happiness...i guess its all about cherishing the real things in life..

  12. Anonymous12:10 am

    i don kno y i felt like writin a comment on this..cause i cant say nythin for it..th only thing i want to say i guess is tht m glad tht u had such a day..nd hope u have it more often..




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