06 October, 2006

Do you also prefer the journey more than the destination?


  1. i guess its clear isnt it???
    depends on ur companions...hmm....hold on....sometimes u become weary of monotony and wish it to be all over...any means whatsoever...
    al other times...i think we enjoy the journey more than the destination....this is meant to be debated of course

  2. some afterthoughts.....depends on the view outside the window

  3. journeys appeal to me more..even in relationships...uncovering the layers in a person is so much more interesting than finally being able to proclaim u know someone...gosh i'm not putting it clearly i know... being in the present..just BEING seems to me the best thing to do

  4. Anonymous12:28 pm

    i strip myself in front of you...

    let's bathe together ...


  5. in leningrad???? we'l freeze for chrissake

  6. no no no....
    you never "know" a person...and u never "dont know" a person...knw what...its a hypothesis...one never really dislikes a person...if one remains in contact with sumone long enuff, one gets to appreciate him or her no matter what...my opinion though....debate...gosh...this is way out of league of the topic under discussion

  7. Anonymous1:40 pm


    tu kya tama tama wali sahi bandi hai...

  8. ani: tama tama at least taught you how sweet sour can be..

    sid: infact i believe u can only eithr know or not know a person..and time doesnt matter...sometimes u meet someone n boom crackle things jst work u'r comfortable..othrwise it can b years n u feel u barely KNOW smone...realy KNOW smone

  9. it was a hypothesis after all...
    what r the factors which make one comfortable in others' presence??
    what r they??
    i am outta here!!

  10. its that cheesy enigmatic X factor..its different stuff for different ppl...crassness(is thr sucha word),messy frank ppl mk me comfy...depends on diff ppl ya

  11. Anonymous3:47 pm

    yeah...come to think of it, i think i prefer the journey rather than the destination. :)
    while in a journey, things are dynamic..moving..but when you reach your destination... things kind of slow down for a bit.
    ...life is a journey, they say. ;p
    (does that mean that when you've reached your destination you're already dead?? hahaha. my silly train of thought...)

  12. i believ that maiylah....death IS the destination :)



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