13 September, 2006

words on turds...yuck!!!!!

I am basically a level-headed person, things don't usually ruffle my unrippled life and I have the typical Indian attitude of sab chalta hai...
But some things, they arn't too many, mind you, but some things sure get my gun. They turn me into this restless raving maniac (ok I agree that's quite an exaggeration) but I get all bothered and social worker type fired up.
1. People ill-treating animals. How can anyone, anyone within their right frame of mind, look into the chocolately, heart-melting eyes of a dog and still kick it ruthlessly? Guess the problem is such people don't look into the eyes in the first place.
2. Peeing on roads. Its sad to see humans reduced to such shameful lows. It tragic that our country doesn't have enough public loos to at least put pee-ers off the roads. Its disgusting and it stinks!
3. Shuffling feet. Its a cacophony we are so used to that we forget its there. But my selectively sensitive ears hear feet being dragged from every corner of a crowded room. It kills to hear the lethargy of feet not picked up.

But above all you know what really gets me all worked up? That unforgiving turd that refuses to get flushed down!!! Only a piece of shit can do something like that.

* * *
heh heh...as you might have guessed, I'm in a crappy mood.


  1. :S
    does continous shaking of legs freak u out???
    it certainly freaks out my sister when i do that....rest...agree with you...

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. this was posted at 3.24 in the morning...with an exam scheduled to take place at 9 in the morning....
    my roomie says one of these days i am going to miss one of my tests as well...he takes this cue from my attending just one class in the last 45 days...why am i even wrihing all this crap here!!!

  4. Anonymous10:19 am

    is this the dirtiest you can get ma'am? ;-)


  5. Anonymous11:23 am

    ps...ani asks that with a raised eyebrow and full of hope...

  6. siddharth...cant help it if my crass words r bettr than ur BJT transistors n bakwaas =P
    heh heh j ja padhle..

    ani... well well now i can get real dirrrrrrrrrrrty..turds just happen to b the yuckiest i can get here..=P



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