17 September, 2006

twadi bhaut yaad aandi hai mummmy

I have a problem. I call my mother by her name. Period. I say Shobha, she answers, works fine for both of us. No that's not the problem. The problem is that in India, parents are =/> god or something close. So when people hear that I call my mother Shobha, I get the following responses:

The raised eyebrows look that is especially reserved for members of our generation.

Dissapproving head shake (read: bigdi a.k.a spoilt girl).

Tragic pat on the back saying I'm too far gone to invite any suggestions.

All sorts of weird facial contortions even our creator wouldn't believe we are capable of.

Its funny, I don't do it to ape the west (people have actually told me that), certainly not because I don't respect my dear mother, not because I'm rebellious or want to seem pseudo - modern. Frankly, there's no reason...as a child I heard everyone calling my mother Shobha: her parents, my mama, mami..so I caught on( oh ya I was a smart kid). Everbody thought it was one of those cute little childhood things I would grow out of..little did they know!

So Shobha it is.

When I was in school(boarding) they screened all our letters home just to check if we were not writing anything vile and foul about school(bunch of losers!). Anyway so when my warden saw "dear Shobha" in the beginning, she came marching and said,"Chandni Singh, you are to write a letter to your mother, not sister. Come on write another one to your mother." I patiently explained the intricacies of my family taxonomy. She quickly rearranged her face from utter horror to calm concern. An hour long lecture on "society kya kahegi", " aapki mother, mummy sunne ke liye tadapti hongi" later, I wrote a model letter, full of all the correct salutations etc..bah humbug.

Two weeks later, I received a horrified letter from my poor poor mother. Ha ha..that sure tickled me. What I fail to understand is why people can't mind their own silly businesses?????????

Shobha, to me is the most beautiful word in my vocabulary and I don't happen to want to substitute it.


  1. Anonymous1:09 am

    wingmate ke pc se comment kar raha hoon..that is why didnt log into my acc...

    btw...a very unusal subject u picked up...know what...i have to confess that when i saw the slideshow u put up on ur blog and noted that u had mentioned ur mum as Shobha i was a bit prejudiced as well....u did well to sort it out..ha ha..hmm...what else oh yeah
    ek kaam karna...listen to RHCP...er..red hot chilli peppers....CANT STOP is mast single...

    Siddhartha(oops Sophomore ;) )

  2. Anonymous5:46 pm

    hey sweets
    that reminds me...
    i was 'sunaina' for you till i bullied and pestered you into calling me didi. heheh :)


  3. siddharth, even my closest friends find it kinda awkward...me calling my mother shobha...the funny thing is that they all also call her shobha now!! ha ha

    didi: being the brat i was, i don't blame u for making sure i called u did =P

  4. Anonymous7:24 pm

    your mom has short hair...i get high and say ssssshooo bhi it...



  5. ha ha ..i like sho bhi it!!! bt yup she's gt crazily amazin hair...mummy ko toh baksh de ani!

  6. I dont know what to comment..Bad or good..But u put ur case so succintly that the preconceived notions are shattered ...good job.

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  9. thanx prabhu..gues u gt 2 y blog thru siddhartha's

  10. Yep...Though that made for some interesting reads here...Keep the good work up...

  11. Anonymous9:46 am

    i've got a niece who does the same thing, too...call her mom by her first name. lol..
    i get a kick out of some people's reactions when they hear her call her mom...!! ;D

  12. ya the reactions can be awesome fun to watch..hee hee

  13. Anonymous11:21 pm

    hy thr..surprisingly for me also..m writin down another one..
    i did hv th raised eyebrow but not for more than a sec. nd th next reaction wasn bcos i thought u r modern nd stuff but was bcos i actually found it pretty kewl!! tht ur mom wont mind u callin her by her name..my mom toh would kick my ass for it..
    hehe.. :P




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