06 September, 2006

tryst with an artist

He lay there slouched on his elbows
moss green shirt hanging on a lean frame
hair flung across that brooding head
a grin smeared his mouth
as if it were all a game
faded blue denims
a splotch of yellow paint
above his knee
a dirty tear
white paper from a pad
looked up at him
he stroked it with his pen
urgently calm
expression poured forth
he charged on and then
in a lethal move
perfected the final blow
pen put down he looked around
untangled his legs
and walked away...
* * *
well, saw this guy drawing a drawing (:P) and sometimes such normal things also inspire you to write that its pretty wierd..anyway why in the world am I telling you this? I just enjoyed watching him draw...so I did what I enjoy..write
tk cr


  1. Anonymous9:20 pm

    lub dub lub dub lub dub...

    a heart beat...lot's of them


  2. dont b so sophisticated..its crass old dhak dhak dhak dhak silly

  3. Anonymous9:48 pm

    ah ma'am...

    want to trade sounds of a heart one by one ???

    ps...you gave a REALLY good repartee...;-)


  4. whoops! d spinner of words likes wat i sed..ehm ehm am flattered!



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