21 September, 2006

To Punky, with love from Brooster

time often becomes this constant uneddying fluid
mundane seconds ripple into aeon - like hours
try to grasp its bubbles, they burst with a silent pop
and you are left gasping on a fisful of stale air

and now I stare back at those little seconds of mirth
jealousy rips my hungry self in itsy shreds
I watch as two bright faces start their journeys
their paths entwine, skip along, drag and run

I see faces crinkle into concentrated frowns
teacups break, the saucers lie around
a muddy little river pochy pochying its way through
a children's room with a greenboard divided in two

there's an oily face shivering in the winter mist
there's once licking layers off an orange ice lolly
those faces are splashing in big red tubs
even the water can't wash away their glee

there are angry hot tears spilt on raging words
grubby comforting hands, taletelling pigtails
prayers are said in sleepy sounds

bloomers peep out with the alphabet on

there's pinkpanther having a "square meal"
enid blytons spinning tales under the lemon tree
I hear a playful chuckle, it makes me smile
there's a hug, I cringe away, a silent goodbye
when time feels like its lost its flow
when music seems empty, notes hollow
those eager little faces wink me a wink
I fall back from insanity's brink.


  1. Anonymous10:55 am

    sheesh...senti...tu mil mujhe...i have got the CRAZIEST MOST DOWNHILL IDEA EVER!!!...

    teri senti ki to aisi ki taisi...

    ps...i would go for the younger girl ANY DAY..


  2. dats didi n me if u hvnt guessd..
    huh tere idea ki aisi ki taisi

  3. Anonymous10:00 pm



  4. baap re baap...
    tune to senti kar diya...aanso aa gaye aanko mein....subak subak...
    achcha jokes apart...bahut difffficult kaam hai comment karna...so ill leave it jlt....to prove i read it

  5. that wasnt funny >:(
    neway that was 4 my sister...watever..

  6. arre..i knew that re...itni budhdhi bhgwan ne mujhe bhi de di thi galti se...garam kyun hoti ho bhai...life's not interesting without humor...and nostalgia is best experienced when seasoned with humor...somewhere i cud envision my own didis thr...ye padh ke dono ko call up kiya...:)

  7. Anonymous11:43 pm

    huh. these duds won't understand the nuances of those words.
    some other lil things...
    little women
    'jai ambike...'
    crazy hiccup fits
    picnics on the mango trees in the baagh
    and of late... trips to SN...

  8. Anonymous11:46 pm

    and jungle book and 'geet ooof my back' and recording sessions and...



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