08 September, 2006

She shimmers and shines on borrowed light
its cold, she gives me warmth tonight
clammy fingers wrapped around shivering toes
a silent calm upon me grows

She hides I seek, I seek she hides
on cloudy waves she stealthily glides
chilly winds blow tunes through my hair
I hug myself under her gentle glare
Thoughts splutter and spout in my mind
memories I thought I wouldnt find
the grass is wet, my eyes still dry
cranky crickets creak nearby
I look at the moon, her pock - marked face
the craters - they add a gruesome grace
I gather myself and my moonlit thoughts
unspoken, unshared, undone, unthought.
Last night the moonlight was streaming onto my bed... maybe its the umblical cord I share with this cold piece of rock (my mother named me after looking at the moon from the bed she delivered me on) or its just the soppy romantic magic around it that draws me. Anyway, for reasons left unexplored, I look at the moon every night and submit to its breathtaking beauty...


  1. and these works were referred to as juvenile?????
    baap re baap....u write way better than i do!!!
    being modest eh...and telling these were just rudimentary????

  2. Anonymous8:48 pm

    nice rhymes, finally u got back to what you do best...am thrilled to read them. keep up the good work..will be waiting for more posts from u

    God Bless!!

    Peace out

  3. Anonymous11:02 am

    ahem ahem.
    you are becoming a fountainhead of inspiration for me!!
    i started a new blog (ya ya... copycat and all that...)

  4. sophomore ji..am writing aftr a lifetime...i'm glad ppl r jst reading my stuff..

  5. Anonymous7:50 pm

    i won't get any better and more importantnly...truer...than what i already told you yesterday, ma'am, about the way you right...and being a part time gentleman...i would immodestly keep it to myself....

    but don't stop...ok??? dont...


  6. ani, me being d impetuous arien.. it'l b a miracle if i can sustain this poetry writing thing..hopefully tera gyan wil rub off on me..eh?

  7. Awesome !!!
    you r gud keep writing such stuff!!...waiting for new posts !!

    gudluck for future writing
    Akash Deep a.k.a streethawk

  8. oh wow...
    love this "playful conversation". :)

  9. thanx maiylah :D
    akash, glad u wrote a comment..bhala ho tera!heh heh

  10. Anonymous11:34 pm

    i cant believe tht m doin this again nd again..i guess u write just too well nd right now u r sleepin otherwise ur phone would hv been busy with my call..i don kno whether i'l hv th same thoughts later bout this..
    u r th only person except me whom i noticed wants to look at th moon every night..it doesn give me th romantic feel which it gives to u..but does give me th time of my life..lets me go of al my pains, nd makes me feel lost in its shimmers nd shine..




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