30 September, 2006

The Outsider Inside

Devils and angels hammer at my head

a clutter of ideas chatter aloud

thoughts riddle in and out - a quizzical labyrinth

they squabble, they scream, they wither, they mope

the good and the evil battle along

reason lies squashed under frivolous greed

virtue argues with imaginaton's crippled flutter

truth nudges pride, alter egos draw blood

hope lights up the coridoors of remorse

an experience whispers life into decaying dreams

the phantom of a lost love flits past

its forgotten reassurance warms me

I watch amused, the outsider inside.



  1. Anonymous6:09 pm

    holy fuck miss...on your way, ma'am...on your way...hopefully not in this lifetime...but, on your way now...


  2. while am on d journey i might as well smell the flowers....and the trash
    mind's a mess at the moment

  3. Guess that will be a real sight watching the outsider inside...The fluid emotions... and u say ur minds a mess???

  4. fluid emotions huh?am an eddying pool where the even the ripples are wonky bonky!!!

  5. Still the ripples of the pool swim to the shore same as in ur random eddying thoughts traverse to a direction....

  6. Btw the name White Noise was suggested by Sid...Will b indebted to him...

  7. seems sid has fallen off the egde of the earth huh????

  8. not fallen off the edge...somehow holding on dear....somehow holding on.....somehow

  9. btw poem bhi badhiya thi...thoughts about thoughts...inside out...outside in ...i once wrote abt why i get the urge to write....fatasized abt fancy itself....hmm....nice..

  10. Sid here I tend to go by Chandni..He seems to have fallen off the edge...Or rather he is leaving this world of his for a new venture....

  11. new venture?hangin onto 2 edge of reason???
    sid saab tryin sanity ? i feel its nt worth d trouble

  12. lemme mk it clear..sanity is not worth d trouble sid..i'm not sayin that u neednt try it..suit urself sir

  13. dunno....ill take the risk...have had enough of craziness...

  14. Anonymous11:06 pm

    th only reason y m writin this is cause u asked for it..otherwise i prefer talkin bout things than typin thm in th comments coloumn..
    my mind is a mess too not just right now but always..th devil nvr leaves it...nd i always struggle with th thoughts it created in my head...i cant get out with it..nd i cant keep it in too...




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