14 September, 2006

Let me dream tonight
not of us riding love - kissed clouds
ambushed by red rose crowds
no cuddly wuddly pillows, sheets surf - white
no violins and wine on a five - star night
no mushy talk and romantic views
no beaches and waves in sunset hues
no second skin dresses in the rain
no log fire heat - it fries my brain
Let me dream tonight
of the wind in my hair as you kiss me sore
of entwining, collapsing, passions running raw
being, breathing, just living each other,
mundane things like cooking , cleaning together.
before shards of reason alight on my brain
and the dreams flow out grain by grain
let me dream tonight a dream so selfish
let me gorge on my dream, lick with relish
I'm thinking... getting back to poetry wasn't such a brilliant idea after all. Sometimes you start writing with a fuzzy picture in your head and then you create a blunder like this. The ideas I had didn't really come through here and thats awfully bugging, makes you feel sort of helpless and let down. Some lines are positively painful like "cooking and cleaning togethr"?!?!?! phlbt?!?!?! What was I thinking? Any way, in my defence I wrote this in the waking moments of a biotechnology class today, sometimes studying the differences between prokayotes and eukaryotes can really get frustrating especially since you'v been doing it since you were say 3 years old?? Yup I have this nasty exaggerative side..rubs off from my saggitarian mother I think.
Anyway excuse this nasty little rhyme...I guess I'm having a bad rhyme day (like bad hair day you know...)


  1. This is going to be one hell of a comment. The disclaimer preceeds. I am in a very disoriented state right now. I have got two exams tommorrow. A 5.5.cedit course and a 4 credit course. My roomie has just cleared the picture for me and realsing what lies in store for me, I have given up any semblance of hope that I might have earlier had. I must not even write all this as a coment. Lo and behold....this could be an entry in my blog for all that matters. But I came here to read your work and so instead of taking the trouble logging into my account and all; I decided to leave this very unrelated and unasked for souvenir. So. to the poem.

    Rhyming often hampers the progress of thoughts. We try to modify our thoughts in order to fix them into the rhyming scheme, thereby spoiling the whole effect. Only real masters of the language can accomplish both the tasks at the same time. Not mortals like me. So some time after I flunked in doing so, i gave up the idea of trying to do it. And so now i dont pay any attention to rhyme. If I like my work, it is more than enough.

    What else...i could write more blah blah...but I think I should go back to the rented notebook(didnt have the presence of mind to make my own notes) and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Till next time...keep penning and not rhyming!

    2 hours of slogging still await me!

  2. that was at 1.55 in the night

  3. ever enjoyed RHCP@4 AM
    do it girl....a different feeling altogether....
    ignited the fire of imagination!
    as guessed..this was at 3.59 in morn.

  4. Anonymous4:58 pm

    rare soeone who sees love and giving yourself to someone as pure selfishness...

    either i bow to you or i fall for you...


  5. sophomore: somehow rhyme is one of the main things that excite me about poetry...shelley- the cloud that is the ultimate mastery of both i think..no compromise with ideas and yet the flow, the melody..
    neway u mortals..v shud stick 2 simpler stuff yup..
    also pdh le padh le

  6. ani: love is always selfish..like i told u about the beggar thing...its shameful but its me..

    bow to me on the way to the fall..but fall



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