04 September, 2006

..............am waiting..............

They come and they go

Some cheerful and springy
Each step is a bounce
Smiles sparkle aloud
Or are they just
Plastered joys of another face?

Some angry and hateful
Puckered in a frown
Glaring they shuffle away
Brushing off some rage
On me like teeny drizzle drops.

Some tall some short
All shades of black and white
Fat and thin, everything in between
A sky of people twitter by.

Hip girls sway past
A shiny bling-thing lot
Giggling, they preen their glittering sheen
I sit low in my scraggly world
As they cascade along.

The coochy-coo couples fly by
Some doing the shy finger kissing thing
They waltz past
On top of each other
Fingers and tresses running a crazy pattern

Podgy men amble along
Leering at me
I stare right back
Shiftily they shuffle past
Clutching there puny selves in drooling hands

And through my musings I see
There he comes now
The din suddenly is music
The time just a tick
I gather my stuff
As he gathers me

He comes and we go.
I wrote this sitting in front of Regal,C.P. waiting for a friend. You don't necessarily have to be in love to feel its warmth I realise!
Am writing after an extraordinarily long "poetic sabbatical". The self imposed thought drought was because I made myself believe I had no time though I knew better than anyone else how lieful (opposite of truthful???) that was. So am back to trying my hand at something I love.


  1. is it true then???
    did i hear it right??
    hello hello...alpha to charlie???
    msg:has charlie gained inspiration once again??
    stanzas 4 5 6....best ones...liked them a lot...
    gud that u decided to write again...
    over and out!!!

  2. wats wit d alpha charlie thing?????
    it bettr b ovr n out here!

  3. leave it!!
    only nocturnals can apreciate the humour...early to bed kinda ppl cant..
    poem is kewl btw!!
    as i said earlier

  4. Anonymous10:18 am

    "they waltz past on top of each other..."

    if you start reading out your poetry to me ma'am, i'll paint oyu in colours i have'nt even seen...


  5. well well
    that was good.
    but know wht?
    felt a lump in me throat. my lil sis aint lil no more ;)

  6. awwww.. sometimes i feel all grown up too!
    but those are just temporary flashes of maturity :)
    i'l forever b teeny wit u..

  7. Anonymous11:44 pm

    u r right..u don need to be in love to feel its warmth..but dear who said u aren...i hv nvr defined luv as if it has to be with a person whom u think u wanna spend th rest of ur life with..or ppl who r always around u..or nythin as a matter of fact..its a feelin..nd u fall in luv with tht..




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